UK dudes are you watching the Apprentice?

Fucking hell I am ashamed to have worked for three of the big four accountancy firms in the world after seeing that performance.

Yeah… what a numpty

Edward deserved to go

What an idiot

Watch the programme on BBC2… its got me in hysterics

Ill probably watch it tommorow iv got the driving test tommorow at 9 so going get some rest for now

Good luck!


LOL! I have never done a days audit in my life but I can guarantee a monkey would be better than him! (Unfortunately there are quite a few crappy ones who hate their jobs…)

Ironically, I work for the world’s biggest accountancy firm but do one of the few jobs where people don’t train as accountants. I’m glad I’m a trained accountant though. Got to see how businesses run (something Edward could’ve put to use, numpty)

Thanks DJ

OMG if Jim was bought in it would’ve been a triple firing!

Hahahahahaha, it’s finally getting interesting!

Not triple i think jim wouldve killed Vincent if he came back

But he’s such an idiot. I don’t get why all the girls fancy him. He’s such a numpty, eeeew!

But Vince is definitely more eeeeeew. Urgh, whenever he talks to a woman I swear he becomes more greasy…

That is true

You watching your fired when he said jim is a puppetier and a ass licker

LOL yeah that was good :blush:

LOL the tie thing… right at the end Jim was there too! LOL!

Yeah the invisible tie as well