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Is there anyway I can hide the tweet bar? It is showing some new Pokemon and I’m trying to avoid spoilers for the new generation until the games come out. I’d rather not avoid this site altogether, though. Any help is appreciated.

Unfortunately there is not a way to hide the side bar.

It is not visible on tapatalk. Perhaps a manual way around it on pc would be to set your window to the size where it is not visible.

It’s not visible on the mobile site either

any new generation is a sham, after gen 3 its not the same imo


Why is it not ‘the same’?

Maybe an option could be added within the settings to show/hide the twitter feed, would be simple to implement. Just a suggestion.

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While I echo this sentiment of adding one, I will go so far as to say it may not be simple to implement. This site is a proboards forum, which has its own nuances and headache-inducing features/restrictions. It may not actually be as simple as adding a setting option.

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Or maybe just a spoiler tag

Can’t spoiler-tag tweets. Honestly, if you’re looking to avoid spoilers for the new game you should probably avoid all Pokemon media as everyone is going to be talking about it.


You could install the script-blocker extension and block every script from twitter.


I even think Adblocker Ca do it.

See you in a few months Tony.


He wants Mega Voltorb to be a surprise.

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Did the script blocker work for you @tonysandlin?

I’ll give it a try. Otherwise, I’ll just put something over the side of my computer when I’m checking my messages and such.

Don’t look. I tried this and it was easy.
I also used my iPad and enlarged the picture which took the side R off the edge.

But you didn’t have @pokemonsyndicate putting spoilers in every thread.

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(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

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Its easy not to look when it’s not always there on the side haha I tried to enlarge it, but it goes from 125%, which is not enough, to 150, which is too much. I’ll just have to remember to cover that side up lol

If I’m not mistaken you can type in the zoom percentage.