Trollandtoad cancelling order 1st ed base

Not trying to start a panic (and I don’t believe it is from corona fear), but TT has canceled some psa 7 1st ed holo cards I had sent in with no reasoning. They are usually quick to accept psa 7 1st ed base, but for unknown reasons are returning them. Is it what rudy was talking about with big store buylists? Idk but just thought I’d share

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That is extremely shady. I assume some sort of deal had already been made?

TT is the largest trading cards store space wise. They are most likely closed because of the covid 19 requirements.

Also tying in Rudy’s video, stores are primarily closing because they have to. At least in one of the states I am in, all non-essential businesses are required to close.


As far as this states here theyre still open for business as usual, but not sure if thats changed since yesterday (which id assume updates would only be available business days, but could be wrong).

But also I did myself send in a buylist of just bulk cards laying around and noticed a price drop 3 days out of the week on them from .04 cents on the dollar to .035, then 0.03. Not saying this has anything at all to do with OP’s situation in the least, but it could (or could not) point towards them maybe limiting what they buy.

Additionally (not to add insult to injury here), i was never aware that they bought psa cards via buylist myself. But @modestmudkip id suggest just contacting them Monday to ask further as to why this might have taken place and hear for yourself via that department. Im going to call too just to see if mines still going to go through, but best to not really dig further and make assumptions until all the info is gathered from the source.

Yeah I do not assume that it is due to coronavirus (I think there is not enough evidence to assume that), it just seemed odd to me

@modestmudkip yeah just give em a ring Monday and see what they say. I called last week myself as well (had a question about something on the website in general) and they were quick to answer and such, so you shouldnt have an issue reaching them.

Yeah I will do that, I just checked and they are still offering the same amount of money for the cards I sent so maybe it was some other issue

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Even if your lgs is allowed to be open for business people probably aren’t going to go

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Hmm well this is very shady indeed, they are not even ordering for MTG until april and closed for closed list.

Can’t get to any conclusion without more information but it seems very shady.

What exactly is shady? This situation sounds extremely reasonable considering most businesses are in lock down.


I mean the reasoning behind that, we got no info if it’s because a harsh decline in sales or operating costs, if it’s because they had to due to political reasons, etc.

There is always other reasons that something like this could happen. I should probably have called them before posting, but one thing that could cause an issue here is I sent in 2 psa 7 1st ed holos of the same card, one looked like a weak 7 and the other strong. They may have just wanted the strong one and felt bad accepting only one so they’re just returning it. Idk, but there is always another possibility besides corona

@fresco while there was no reasoning there was also lots of information void in what exactly happened in this submission as well on top of what we dont know immediately from TnT. Without all the pieces of the puzzle here we cant make any judgement calls and even if it were present, as third party receivers of said information we can only speculate.

Point being is its easy to state things like “shady” because it gives answer to what we dont know right away, but as stated to OP here lets just wait until Monday for him to call and see what they have to say on matters before taking the discussion into negative and sour waters.

@modestmudkip dont regret posting, as thats what its for is to find some help with issues. I could recommend though just giving all the information of the situation fully and figuring out what the intent is in asking said question, for example is the question geared towards wondering why it occurred or if its geared towards comparing it to that of Rudys release on whats happening to Magic. After that and once all is stated (so one couldnt make any harsh judgements or assumptions and hop aboard the hate train) then just stick the course and youll be good. The post title could even be altered to “Help with troll and toad buylist” to better gear the intent of the question, that way youll recieve more helpful and insightful answers as opposed to adding to a potentially toxic situation.

All and all, we live and learn right? Ill be happy to hear how it all goes come Monday :blush:

Perhaps my wording wasn’t the most appropriate since i meant that there’s no solid reasons as in why, we just got some clues or assumptions and that’s the “shady” part, perhaps just typing that we lack information to get our conclusions was more ideal

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@fresco absolutely! Yeah, best to always just gather what you can then aim for to help without going into a negitive direction, which always could stem from statements of the sort. Thats why when i mentioned my finds in the buylist prices dropping i kept that secondary to my main statement, as well as owning it as an speculation of my own to not drive my point off into a bad direction. But, no worries! As stated prior, we live and learn and i just want to help keep things in a good spot :blush:

They’ll make their money but screw you. But that’s always been their business model and they’ll fake cry for you all the way to the bank. Isn’t that what businesses are supposed to do anyway?

TT hasn’t really been shady but unreliable as of late. “Late” but before the COVID craziness. For me it’s been the last two years, maybe 3/4… since the “boom”. I see it with set cards especially. I’ll have orders not show up or cancel totally with no warning and it’s mostly due to strait up not having the stock available or some shipping mishap. Though this has happened a handful of times, they are quick to respond/refund if there is an obvious issue. Gets annoying for sure but that’s with running a business of that scale with so many single items.

As for trouble in this post the shutdowns are totally reasonable for the issues. I just hope they can be more reliable in the future for those other times I’ve mentioned. But I’m also just another privileged winey customer wanting the item I spent money on from just hitting 2 buttons lol.

Not much of an update, but they said it was automatically cancelled. They said they didn’t have much more info than that but I could still have it returned to me or processed when they get to it

I spoke with the buylist dept many times this week and we are working on locating the package. It seems they are just simply understaffed and overwhelmed