Troll & Toad shipping

I selling some card to T&T, and is wondering about how to ship the cards, as they will not have the card in sleeve or toploader, how do i protect my card in shipping then?

When I ship cards to T&T I pack them in a plastic bag until they are relatively tight in there and then tape the bag shut. Lastely I wrap the bag with tape once so that the cards can’t move during transit.
If you ship a lot of cards you can ship them in 800ct boxes and pack them tight with packing peanuts. After that you can pack them in an flatrate box.
Also remember bubble-wrap is your friend.

I find it strange to send cards with value of 50-100$ each without sleeve and a bit risky.
Don’t understand why they don’t want the cards in sleeve and toploader. For bulk i understand, but not for card with some value

I think it just makes sense to send the higher value cards in sleeves and top loaders anyway. I have always done it when sending in cards of that value to t&t evo and if they actually do a service charge for removing them from sleeve+toploader I haven’t noticed it.


I think they mentioned somewhere that expensive cards can be shipped between two empty sleeves but honestly if you’re more comfortable shipping them in sleeves do it. I do ship them really expensive stuff between two sleeves although I think it would take the same effort to take the card out of their sleeve but hey it’s their business so they make the rules. I assume you don’t send thousands of cards between 50-100$ so even if they charge you hourly you probably won’t even notice it.

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