Troll & Toad Shipping Issue

Ok, so to preface, I have used Troll & Toad many times in the past with no issues with the cards and especially with the shipping. Items always arrive in described condition and I am provided a tracking number to know exactly when my items will arrive.

A couple weeks ago I made a purchase for a bunch of cards that was split into three separate eBay orders. I immediately paid and the next day the items were marked as shipped, but I noticed a slight issue as only the items in the last order provided tracking numbers and the other two were just marked as shipped. That’s fine, I’m sure they are all being shipped together with the same tracking number, right? Nope.

When the package eventually arrives, I open it and only the items from the last order are provided. So I went ahead and messaged them to check if they sent out the other orders separately and when I can expect them - no response. I waited a few more days and messaged them again to inquire about the orders, but still no response as of yet. So I am a little bit upset that my items still haven’t arrived and am pondering just initiating a refund, but I really want these cards if possible.

I’m sure this is in part due to the pandemic going on right now, so perhaps they are short-staffed or something was overlooked but if they don’t respond to my messages soon I am going to be very upset. I try to be reasonable and patient with sellers, especially during these chaotic times, but the least they can do is respond to let me know the status and what went wrong.

Anyway just wanted to vent a bit and express my frustration…

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Off topic from the shipping issue, but did you purchase from ebay rather than the actual site?

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Yeah, I was given an ebay gift card and used it for this purchase since they had some cards I wanted newly listed there.

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I have several things in shipment from tt for over 2 weeks. They said they have only a couple employees working

Ah, I figured as much when they didn’t even respond to my messages, but it’s still odd that one package arrived and the other two didn’t as I purchased them all at the same time.

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@miguelito I understand the frustrations for sure, and while valid, the reasons of the pandemic are definitely the cause here. In March I had a buylist from them take until the end of April to fulfill, and even now cards ive ordered from them have been coming rather slowly but its to be expected.

Best I can recommend is to go on their website and find their phone number to call to ask about the matter. Theyve always been great in answering calls and theyll probably tell you the same thing weve all deduced here, but cant hurt if they were ordered say 3+ weeks ago.

I’d wait a bit longer and see. I know they are operating on about half staff but getting more orders than usual. Tnt hasn’t even been listing new stuff mostly just shipping orders.

Yeah I definitely understand the circumstances of this pandemic causing an issue for them and I have been waiting over 2 weeks for the remaining orders. I tried to remain patient but I find it odd that one order arrived within a week and the other 2 were sent differently, as it leads me to believe that perhaps they didnt even send the cards at all. I will give them another call to try and get a response so I know for sure what the deal is and when I can expect the cards to arrive.

I do not understand why they didn’t just lump my ‘orders’ together into one and send them at the same time as that’s what they have always done in the past. Perhaps they handle it differently if ordered through eBay instead of through the site.

Ok, so my package just arrived in the mail…three weeks later! I’m just glad my cards are finally here though.

Their shipping method was also very odd, as the cards could have sustained damage the way they were packed. However, I was very careful in removing them and can see no noticeable damage as of yet. All in all, I am very happy to finally receive my cards!

P.S. The reason for my apprehension concerning this shipping ordeal was due to the fact that my state is right next door (Ohio & Kentucky) so it shouldn’t have taken so long. Packages always arrived within three days before the pandemic, but I understand that plays a big role in their delays.