Trainer Deck B

is there a sealed items vs opened and graded discussion on here? I have a creator pack and trainer deck B that are literally killing me staying sealed.

Your name is “packrippa,” so rip that pack open! :rofl:

Nah, seriously, I’m not the person to ask. I don’t believe in keeping items sealed, but I’m also not into having cards graded, either. I just like having them open so I can enjoy how great they look.

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Creator packs are notoriously sub-10 when opened. Trainer Deck B cards are honestly really boring. I wouldn’t open either of those items even if I did believe in opening them. There’s nothing worth really getting to inside.

Not worth your time or value disparity to open those.


Trainer Deck B Blastoise is pretty sweet. If you open it, I’d be willing to pick up the deck outside of Blastoise. I’m looking to pick up mint non holos from the set. I’ve been looking for Trainer Deck A for a while now. No luck :slightly_frowning_face:

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Opening the Creator pack would be fun. The deck is cool as a novelty but the cards are nothing special. Grading the Blastoise would be cool though.