Trainer Card Origins

So the other thing I noticed about yesterday’s reveal of Cold Flare and Freeze Bolt cards is some of the new Trainer cards they’ve added. Bicycle. Town Map. Ether. Escape Rope. These are all video game mainstay items dating back to RBY’s days yet they’ve been absent from the TCG for 16 years until now. In addition to that, we got Supporters of Hugh and Skyla, as well as new Full Art versions of Cheren and Bianca.

This brings me to my question. Do you guys prefer when they pull items, characters and locations from the video games when they make Items, Supporters and Stadiums in the TCG? Or do you not care if the TCG makes up its own stuff because the two are separate entities?

Personally, I love when they incorporate so much stuff that originates from the video games. I’ve noticed that ever since the HGSS era, they’ve being putting more and more effort into bringing the universe featured in the video games into the TCG, even down to having game-based locations in the background of the artwork. And it’s awesome to see so much care put toward translating the games to the cards!

Looking back, it’s actually disappointing to me that they made up so many different Trainer cards just for the TCG during Generation III when the GYM LEADERS never made a single appearance! To be fair, though, I did kind of dig the creation of the Holon Region when they did the Delta Species series, but that’s just about the only TCG-exclusive entity that had proper development to satisfy me, while things like “Swoop! Teleporter,” “Pokemon Reversal” or “Cessation Crystal” are just random and irrelevant.