Tough Pills to Swallow in Pokemon

Realized I should’ve said “loud minority” instead of “loud majority”. I guess this is what happens when you type a message out after waking up… :sweat:

In any event, the point of my message was that it’s more often than not the subset of people who are deeply invested in modern cards that feel the need to put down older cards in order to seemingly justify/elevate their collectibles’ status. You almost never see this with vintage collectors (not saying it doesn’t happen) because they enjoy collecting something they like. Again, if this subset of modern collectors were comfortable with what they collected, why would they feel the need to bash something they have no desire to own?

I think it’s a stretch to suggest faction wars are “engrained into the Pokemon experience” from the start. Arguing on the playground whether Charmander or Squirtle is better =/= entire social media smear campaigns meant to pump/tank collectible assets via superfluous comparisons.

Pics or it didnt happen

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I do think your individual experience is primarily because you are in a position that exposes you to unwanted, but public, comments. I agree that the hate is irrational, but I wouldn’t say it came completely out of left field. I saw it most prevalently during 2020, but modern has been vehemently hated by some people since the DP era. There was an entire decade where modern collectors were told all their cards were worthless, both from a value perspective and an art/appreciation perspective. When someone is told routinely that the thing they are collecting isn’t a valid collectible, there’s no doubt in my mind that it would cause those people to grow resentful of the ones telling them that. Especially when those people turned out to be wrong,

Social likes and dislikes change over time, and what was cool to like yesterday might be cool to hate tomorrow. People love to hate on things others enjoy, for weird insecurity-projecting reasons. This effect is amplified when something is popular or successful. Our social media structure also heavily rewards controversial takes and contrarianism, which really doesn’t help. It also gives the vocal minority an equal platform as the majority, making them seem larger than they realistically are.

I think what we are seeing is an over-correction to the over-hype of vintage in 2020/2021. It’s a social retrace. Usually, this is an indicator of market irrationality and signals a good time to buy. I think that in this case, with the prices and market conditions we’ve seen, it absolutely is. Just like how 2020/2021 anti-modern voices were strong, and now all SwSh boxes are approaching MSRP or are higher.


The move is to be involved in both modern and vintage. It’s hard to understand why the very vocal section of Modern collectors can’t wrap their heads around that being acceptable. Alot of the time they point at the price increases in ultra modern and then rag the current price of a PSA 9/10 vintage card. Chosing to view that vintage card in a 2020-2024 price window. I’ll use the poster child for vintage set cards, PSA 9 Unlimited Base Set Charizard for example. It’s hard to take that critism of a current $1,000+ card seriously when I purchased all of mine in 2015/2016 for like $80 a card. So what the f**k are we even talking about here? Lol

If you collected PSA 9 Base Set Charizard when you collected PSA 10 Special Delivery Pikachu, you’re gunna have a good time!

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I think most of the hateful people weren’t around during the dp era or even pre 2020. But if I had to turn it all into a positive, I think the hate is misguided passion. Anyway, maybe it’s my axe to grind, but I just don’t like to see something people enjoy being shit on. It just feels like YoU ColLEcT ChiLdReNs CarDBoARd energy.


Yeah, definitely. No one wins when the discussion becomes “my collection is better than yours”, regardless of who is saying it.


I always thought the vintage hate seems to just come from the influx of the #bigmoneyballers and stonkvestors who entered the hobby during covid (shiny bald head man HAS to be the mascot for this crowd) who see the tcg as nothing more than a means to a financial gain & have no interest in it beyond being an asset. So if a particular aspect of the hobby isn’t doing as well on a % financial basis, it’s gonna attract plenty of negative attention from those people, just in the same way they slander certain cryptos or other assets when they enter a bear market. Because people generally can be pretty prone to influence, it does make me wonder if this attitude has affected some genuine collectors too, though.

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That’s absolutely insane. Who is buying PSA 10 energies for $200? Is it always the same few buyers???

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Well think about it this way. On the low end, 1st base sealed packs are $3000ish. You get a couple of energies in those packs, and all have only about a 40% chance of being a 10, even pack fresh. While I agree energies suck lol does $200 seem that crazy?

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Yes, it does. Do you know how many absolutely worthless 1/1 items parents keep in their basements of all their children’s crap from growing up? Nobody wants the stuff, despite its extreme rarity.

I am surprised that the most printed cards possible, that have no analogue in the video games, anime, or anywhere in Pokemon IP outside the TCG, basic energies, can command a price of $200 even graded PSA 10 and being 25 years old.

The energy are only around pop 600 in PSA 10. You only get 2 per pack so they are pretty comparable to the amount of common Pokemon out there. It also looks like you get 1 PSA 10 for every 2 PSA 9s.

A lot of people like to collect the full base set so $200 isn’t that wild given all the factors. Especially since $200 is a relatively low amount by today’s standards.

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Not to join in on the beating, but I think this is not the case. Those energies are a low key classic design. The illustration of energy cards has basically been constant ever since the beginning.

I remember being entranced by energy cards as a kid. Antecdotal, ik.


I always run the base set energies in my decks, unless I’m playing a Steel or Dark type deck since we didn’t have those yet.

Something about the OG energies, especially Lightning, Grass, and Water, are so cleeeean.

I can absolutely see myself buying 1st ed PSA 9’s in the future. 10’s would be cooler, but not a priority.


I’m not saying Vintage enthusiasts have dropped off, but the amount of new people in the hobby eclipses them by far.

Whenever I’m in a LCG I see kids with their parents and they’re all enjoying modern. I am the only one looking at or inquiring about vintage cards. They don’t have many out anymore unless it’s the big 3.

New collectors coming in and collecting the newer sets is completely normal, whether you’re completely new or a returning collector after many years - you are obviously attracted to the newest cards because they’re on store shelves and at retail price.

It’s simply an entry point, which is great you need to have a thriving modern scene to keep generating new collectors. Your local game store, social media and YouTube is just a fraction of the collectors market. Majority of people buying cards are doing so without shouting from the rooftops


Yep exactly. Decided to goof around and buy some Evolving Skies packs at Target one day.
1999 came back and hit me in his face and the rest is history as they say :joy:

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Yep! People just want to know that their passion and how they express it is louder and better than the next person.

“Woah look at this new Charizard, it’s only $75!”
“Woah look at this older Charizard, it’s only $575!”
I think pricing has a big influence on people’s perception of a generation/era. Of course new collectors are going to crap on cards they can’t get at entrance.

:pill: “Pokemon investing” content, be it on YouTube, reddit, Instagram is here to stay and has gained to much traction and popularity to ever go away :face_exhaling:

Reddit being the most toxic cesspit of them all…