Top auction results from China

The auctions happen via the Idle Fish 闲鱼 (xian yu) App, which I’m not sure if it’s available outside of China. It’s used as a semi social media app but mostly to promote BIN listings within China. Pokecolor is just the largest auction platform in China so is Idle Fish’s main partner for this.

I know they don’t allow international bidders currently and I’m unaware of this changing, mostly, I assume, due to the difficulty of getting foreign money into China as well as rmb out of China.

Here’s a picture of their main page, which has a toggle option for around a weeks worth of auctions (as auctions occur daily), as well as a very limited BIN option.

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Hi, I recently got interested in chinese culture after reading a couple of chinese cultivation comics (martial peak best one), I was wandering is there box or card that is particularely liked in China ( or exclusive to china ) that you would recomand as a great buy ( from an investment prospective )?

I’m not very deep into the Chinese card collecting scene tbh. The most popular modern card is by far the Moonbreon which was released this year in the Nine Colors Gathering set, but most likely due to its Japanese and English variants success.

The Chinese scene doesn’t have a lot of middle ground collectors. It’s either Japanese trophy and high tier collectors (mostly collecting for reasons outside of love of the hobby) or people chasing recent pumps. As Pokemon cards were only recently reintroduced to China, the value of cards were already high when most people got interested so it’s seen as a way to make money more than a hobby.

I’d say that the most investable cards would be Chinese base set 1st Ed, which are expensive already, but it’s possible the majority of people that are new have no interest in them and feel no nostalgia for them. Probably as time passes and market cycles ebb and flow, the base of Chinese buyers mature from what currently feels like a very fickle bunch.

Sorry I don’t have any specific cards to recommend.

Pokecolor Sunday Auction results

7,200pt Daisuke Club Umbreon BGS 9.5 $16,590

20th Anniversary Festa Pikachu PSA 10 $7620

5,200pt Daisuke club Raichu BGS 9.5 $3,580

Latias Gold Star PSA 10 $3,510

Corocoro Shining Mew PSA 10 $2,875

Entei Shiny P.M. Present Camp PSA 10 $2,875

Raikou Shiny P.M. Present Camp PSA 10 $2,820

2016 Battle Festa Pikachu PSA 10 $2,615

Crystal Ho-Oh PSA 10 $2,530

7,000pt Play Mew ex PSA 10 $2,005


shining mew deserves to be higher. Great card, I’m probably gonna buy it.


Slade was kind enough to send me a video and the holo on that thing is absolutely insane. I’ve been looking at a few PSA 9 copies but may hold out and grab a 10 if the price is right.


It helps if it is lower when you are trying to buy it :pikawink:



I know that, but it’s such a great card that deserves some hype.

Very cheap on most of these vs recent sales here in the US. A cgc 10 and a bgs 9.5 mew went for like 1850 this week alone

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