To buy PSA cards? Or to send to PSA? HELP!


I have this dilemma. A few deals on PSA 10 cards have been given to my notice. Cards that usually sell for 60+ are now around 20 for PSA 10 grading.

However, I’m low on finances and would prefer to use that money on a new tattoo I’m hoping to have that I’ve wanted for a while now.

I know that some of my cards are PSA 10 material, but a grand majority are NOT.

Soooo, I’m struggling on whether I should wait for future deals, wait to find Mint cards and send to PSA, or buy the cards now while I have the chance.

Thoughts? Reflections?

I could use some. :dizzy_face:

Well its hard to give accurate advice without knowing the cards, but I’d probably be inclined to get the PSA 10 cards now while they’re 1/3 the price. To give you an idea, if you send in a bulk amount of cards and get a good price on grading you might be able to pay $12 per card to get them graded by the time you do all the shipping. Send in fewer cards and the price goes up. So if the card is at least worth $8 mint then $20 for a PSA 10 is a good deal. Plus there are a lot of cards that look like 10’s and get 9’s. I don’t know why. So being guaranteed of a 10 when you buy it is nice. This is part of why they’re prices are usually so high imho. I’m getting ready to send my first set into PSA so I haven’t had grading experience. However I have several PSA cards in the 9-10 range and have viewed several and boy there are some that get 9’s that I’ll never understand why. Anyway hope this helps. I’m not trying to tell you what to do with your money but if those cards are a high priority for your collection, getting them now may be a good time. Anybody else care to agree or disagree?

These are the cards currently in question:

I never see deals like these. ; - ;

Those are very specific cards. I’d honestly just go for it. You aren’t paying much of a premium at all on what you’d pay finding and grading them yourself.

If you want these and they go with your collection, go for it.

Also, they aren’t crazy expensive. So you don’t have to worry about buying and then hardcore regretting it.

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I have to agree with @churlocker

And if you really want PSA 10’s of these in your collection, I’d bet good money you’ll end up spending more getting graded yourself, especially considering the possibility of getting a 9 and having to do another send in attempt for 10’s.

Alright, this is my own personal opinion:

If it looks mint then i’m happy. I try not to get too caught up in perfectionism, as I know that any # below 10 would irk me like crazy! Also, ungraded cards are much easier to thumb through if you have a bunch that you just like to stare at (binders really have grown on me). However, graded cards do have quality assurance, which when buying through ebay etc can make all the difference. I have purchased graded cards before and cracked em out of the cases just because i wanted a mint copy for my collection.

As for 10s, I think theyre an awesome addition to any collection just as a 100% on a test is a great achievement. However, in my own experience, I have gotten psa 10 cards that had very minor scuffs whereas a psa 8 or 9 looks flawless (in my eyes anyway). This is just my own preference but i’m happy to stick too it (it saves me A LOT of $ too so no complaints in that department :stuck_out_tongue: )

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It’s a good buy at those prices. Hit the BIN now and just save up for the tatts later on. Any chance you’re getting a Gyarados tatts? :blush:

I love all your points and they definitely make me consider this decision seriously.

How’s this for a thought:

I’m still missing a few cards in my TCG collection.

What if I spend money on finishing the original TCG collection and it’s editions and THEN focus on PSA 10?

As for the tattoo, no, though I definitely have considered it, but I’d want it in a certain style that would cost a butt loads of money. XD

I’ve said this before around the forum, but it’s worth repeating:

The best thing you can do for yourself as a collector is pick a goal and complete it.

If you want all Gyarados and are content with them in any condition, don’t get these.

If you want PSA 10 copies of all Gyarados, you need to take advantage of these extremely low prices.

But you have to set your own goals. They’ll give you a less stressful, more efficient, and more satisfying collection. Guaranteed.

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I think you just hit the nail on the head, Funmonkey.

I’ve been wanting to finish my original collection for a while and the only reason why I’ve thought of getting PSA 10 cards is because I got an awesome deal on PSA 7 Base Set Gyarados for 10 bucks. I loved the look of it looking so official, but my original goal when I first started this collection was getting every Gyarados card (at least for the TCG).

I’m going to save this potential money and spend it on cards that I don’t currently have. My major goal is to get the Japanese Shining Gyarados.

Thank you guys sooooooo much. Even though I’m passing up a deal, I really know how to prioritize things and what to look for. I think if I wanted to really start a serious PSA 10 collection, I’d go for it and I have every reason not to.

However, my original goal was getting every edition of Gyarados cards and I have yet to complete that, so I’ll go with that.

Granted, if I see a PSA 10 1st Edition Shining Gyarados or a PSA 10 Japanese Shining Gyarados for an incredible deal…

I’m buying that sucker! XD

Thanks again guys. I really appreciated everything you helped me with and now I have the future goal of getting PSA 10 Gyarados cards.

But first, to complete my original collection. :blush:

As a side note, I’ve heard of people talking about collection karma–when they pass up on good deals for others to take advantage of so they can get a more desired goal. :grin:

Nice to see someone have that good selfcontrol.

If I’d been in your boots those 2 psa 10’s = an insta-purchase. :blush:

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If you’re trying to get one of each card get one of each card…PSA or not, either.

I agree that’s a lot of self control! I need to practice self control :grin:

It helps that I don’t have much money to begin with. Oh college, how I loathe what you’ve done to my finances. XD

But thanks for the compliments!

With exception to the Snap card. :dizzy_face: That’ll be a “Maybe-Hopefully-Sometime-in-the-future-maybe-not goal”.