Three Year Old & Pokemon?

So, my cousin was over a little bit ago,
and he will be over to stay the night here for the first time.

He kept asking me questions on which pokemon card was which.
He knows Pikachu the best.

And he loves my pikachu plush, as well as my glaceon plush.

But, is it safe to teach him everything about pokemon?
Or should I wait until he is a bit older?

In all seriousness though,anything can be skewed in a negative way,some things are easier than others, especially when dealing with teaching children something new. So it’s not so much the topic that is important but how you teach a child to analyze the situation at hand. Children, although naive, can still possess the ability to understand a complex idea and think critically about it. If you try and keep something from a child they will inevitably find it somewhere else and will not be equipped correctly to deal with the possible negative consequences unless you teach them how when they are most susceptible to learn and in the correct environment.

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“SATAN takes [Pokemon] quite seriously”
“It’s just a game…to which I respond, Russian roulette is just a game”

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In Russia, there “12+” label everywhere on Pokemon production (including anime).

As apposed to what?

Mass murder
religious fanaticism

I see the positive aspects of Pokémon. In the anime when they make a mistake, they admit it, they are sorry and they want to help to correct it. Most care about Pokémon. Good triumphs and evil fails. They shake hands after losing. Make friends. Smile and share with others.

In my book too bad the world can not be more like the anime.

pokemon anime = death

So your point is Pokémon is too dangerous for you, and you are leaving us.

nah. I like a bit of danger in my life :wink: