Thor Gene's Wants list (Updated 11/11/2015)

In attempts to be the greatest there ever was I still need several key cards to help me along with my collection,

IF you point me in the right direction of someone who owns these cards and the sale is successful I will pay you 5% of the agreed sale price as a commission. (If you refer yourself, you keep the commission as well.)

-PSA 10 Fan Club Shining Magikarp, $1,000 / **Your commission $50

-**PSA 10 1st Edition Base set Blastoise $1,000 / Your commission $50

-PSA 10 Corocoro farfetch’d, $200 / Your commission $10

-PSA 10 Corocoro Jynx, $200 / Your commission $10

-PSA 10 Corocoro LT. Surge Electabuzz, $200 / Your commission $10

-PSA 10 Corocoro Erica’s Dratini, $200 / Your commission $10

-PSA 10 Corocoro Ivy Pikachu, $275 / Your commision $13.75-PSA 10 Corocoro Lily Mew, $300 / Your commision $15.00

Understand that these prices may or may not reflect what they normally retail for. So please refrain from the “OMFG WTFNOOB Y U PAY THAT” or “OMG THORGENE SO CHEAP DUN SELLS TO HIM”


Aren’t there only like 3 PSA 10 Fan Karps?


Thor is paying moneyz for his help.

I must go to the dark side…

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If you refer yourself, do you get the commission on top of the price tag?


Smart ass! LOL message me what you got.

4-5 last I checked. There has to be at least 2 people on here who has it.

I don’t have any. I was just curious. I’m looking for them as we speak. I want free money

Maybe buy and grade them?

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Based on the prices of coro coro 10s if you even get 2-3 10 worthy cards from all those you can make yourself a nice buck and get your cards you need on top of that!

@thorgene on the hunt again! I’ll be impressed if you finish that coro coro set :grin:

o0o0o0o0o :heart_eyes:

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you Snag it??


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ended before I saw it. :slightly_frowning_face:

Dang it man :slightly_frowning_face:

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