This just pisses me off

I don’t understand. Why would someone ever do this to a card?

A fricken thumbtack hole!!! I hate it when people defile rare, valuable cards like this!

I was about to purchase it yesterday until I saw that thumbtack hole, it would bother me to no end.

Why is that card so valuable? I’ve seen them go for a high price but this hole obviously puts it down the drain, genuinely curious.

It’s just a really rare jumbo card. I’ve probably seen no more than 10 for sale, and I don’t know if those were all different or just the same one being passed around.

I saw that one for sale on ebay a few months ago.
Or it is a different one… but still that jumbo isn’t THAT rare.

its rare now cause its barely on the market thats all.I remember when this jumbo came out and well to no end it wasnt that more and more people have reached out to japanese cards the market for them went higher.the card isnt really that rare like pokemontrader says its just the hype of people wanting the card that makes the value jump

Remember, these cards (especially the jumbos) are distributed primarily to young children. The child who put the tack through the card most certainly wasn’t trying to “defile” anything. He or she wouldn’t even understand that concept.

Also, Japanese kids in general aren’t nearly as careful with cards as their overseas counterparts. They use the cards as they are meant to be used — as playthings. That’s another thing I like about this country — kids aren’t forced to grow up too quickly.

In many ways, I find the tack hole to be a reminder of the innocence of the original owner. It says “there’s a story behind this card.”

I fully realize, of course, the hole destroys its financial value as a high-end collectible.

Indeed! This is the sign of someone of young age enjoying their card.

This actually has been done to much rarer items. The University Magikarp for example was one that has been seen with a pin hole through the top. I am sure if the parents knew what the card was going to be worth in the future they might have invested in a frame instead.