Can anyone contact this guy (is his name Jimmy? not too sure…) and tell him to let me bid on his stuff? For some reason or another, I’m blocked from buying his items on eBay (I probably screwed up a few years back when I was being irresponsible with my eBay account). He runs a lot of good auctions, but I can’t bid on them ):

I feel like if you guys contacted him and put in a good word for me, he’d unblock me.

Thanks to anyone who can help!

I dunno…he does have pretty awesome auctions. I think it’s best if we limit the competition imo. :stuck_out_tongue:

I did contact him, but I figured that some outside references would be better seeing as I contacted him a while ago about the same thing and he didn’t respond.

Meh are you going after that card i’m also going after!