The Worst Deal Of Your Life?

After my recent debacle, and the embarrassment that ensued, I got to wondering.
Do you have a sale, trade, or buy that pisses you off to this day? It’s fun to talk about our successes but failures? Now that’s painful :rage:

oh… this thread again, I think I mentioned this once in my intro.

Worst sale: 3 x base sets ENGLISH- Mint condition 1st edition base set, shadowless base set, and unlimited base set sold together for $663 AUD.

so lame… sooo lame…

Sold a PSA 10 gem mint Crystal Celebi for around 65 dollars around 3-4 years ago. I haven’t forgiven myself for that yet.


My bad sale happened over 3 years ago too… seems like 3 of the posts so far happened quite a while ago and we are all still kicking ourselves, but have definitely learnt from our mistakes ^_^. Except Zelda, his just a fool who keeps stuffing up in 2014, after how many years in the game lol?

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the only thing that springs to mind is I bought a small job lot of cards, around 30-40 I’d say , with promises of holos they arrived most had pen marks on them and obviously no holos lol

Hey…you’ll get old some day too :thinking:

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Opened an FR/LG, Skyridge, Base Set, Base Set 2, Crystal Guardians, Gym Challenge 1st Edition boxes in the last 2 years. I really enjoyed opening them but in hindsight I would have much rather kept them.(I have since stopped contributing to the “GOTTA OPEN OLD BOXES FOR DA YOUTUBE VIEWS” problem)

The first ever cards I bought when I first started getting into collecting were a Base Set Machamp and a Zapdos, 17 and 28 dollars respectively. Not catastrophic, but embarrassing.

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I’ve had 2 purchases in which i was over eager to purchase a card and ending up buying listings with poor photos… needless to say, the conditions were horrendous

Do the horrendous pull rates of recent English booster box count?

$90 was so worth two non-full art EX cards and a whole lot of bulk, Dragons Exalted.

Not really worst deal ever.
I was hard strapped for money and sold my PSA 10 Karen’s Umbreon. Kind of wish I didn’t, but it went to a great collector so I don’t mind :blush:

I stopped opening boxes as well. I prefer to find sets or just talk to people about. I much
rather enjoy discussing stuff with people on UPCCC than I have looking for cards. Scott it’s been about
3 weeks since I’ve uploaded a video lol.

***Worst Purchase****
I got into a bidding war for a gold star raquaza I paid 300 for it. (stupid I know)
It said mint and at the time rayquaza was going for $2500 in a PSA 10 (not sold price just asking and the only one).
The card got a PSA 8 and at the time I auctioned it off and it sold for $160. I lost $140.

I accidentally paid around $275 on a Japanese Base No-Rarity Poliwrath. It was because I added an extra 0 by mistake when I was putting my bid in with the middleman and didn’t catch it until I won the auction. At that point I couldn’t cancel and had to cough up the money. I should have maybe tried harder to get out of it, but I just grudgingly obliged. I didn’t want to pay any more than $35 for the card when I bid…