The PWCC Megathread

Hey pwcc, We do not want to see closed auctions and auctions ending the furthest out first. Thats why there is a filter for “closed”.
When i click weekly, i should see earlisest ending sorted by card date ealriest to latest. Like it was before.
The way you have it now requires me to click around way too much just to get to what i want to see.

We do not want to see popups. I dont care about some 1978 psa 2 baseball card getting a new bid. I also dont care if a pokemon card gets a new bid. Its not gonna make me bid on it cause something got a new bid, especially if its days away from closing.


These pop ups really are awful. :confused:

On something like the Premiere auction, they make more sense because a single bid will increase the end time for the entire auction block. But they make absolutely no sense on the Weekly auction.

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I’m cringing so hard at these search updates. I obviously don’t know who’s idea it was to show closed auctions, and to change the order to ending…latest? But I feel like anyone with common sense would realise that’s a terrible idea.

Almost feels like a bug, which wouldn’t surprise me considering they have reworked their searching and filtering queries like 3 times in the past few months. I’m shuddering at the thought of what that filter query looks like in the back end :sweat_smile::rofl:

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I’m pretty sure it looks like this

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When companies get bought out they tend to get juiced for maximum profits.

I feel this is unfortunately only the beginning

The company buying pwcc wants an operational auction house. It wouldn’t make any sense to further decrease productivity.



This thread makes my complaints feel validated. Every time they change something the more irritated I get, it just makes me want to pull all my cards. It will cost me about $300 to get them all in person.

This is how a company communicates. Good on them. Would have been nicer a few weeks back, but I’m sure they were busy with transitions and turnover. :melting_face:


Someone list a 1st neo lugia 10 already you cowards!


One sold last month on PWCC.

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It was a premier auction though. And it still shows “payment pending” for some reason.

Why would they sell a PSA 10 1st Neo Lugia on a weekly auction? Anything $20,000+ really should be on the premier auction.

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Side note about the shipping times, my fulfillment is still pending. Today is 11 days, it feels like an eternity because I’m not patient.

They wouldn’t. But I was going through the process of getting authorization for premier access during the last week of that last one.

Side note; I wonder how much it would take to get a buyout to pass on the one on Rally rd.

Day 16 for me. Still don’t have a tracking number or any kind of update. Keep in mind I only wanted 7 cards shipped. Done with PWCC. Emptying my vault on Tuesday.


My fulfillment just shipped. 19 days and the ebay buyer did not cancel. I gave him a partial refund because he was so understanding but I’ll consider that method of selling as a failure and not try that again. Really it’s just if you want something done right you can’t leave it to someone else


If it makes anyone feel better, I got tracking after 18 days so they are working through it.


Today is day 13 since I paid for cards I won the 14th and I just received tracking this afternoon!


Sherb has been waiting for the right topic to post about for two years. PWCC pulled em back :pray: