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Had this happen recently. First unpaid auction I dealt with, and it took like 10-15 days until I got a notification saying “Unfortunately, the buyer did not pay”. One thing I can tell you as an indication of someone paying is that usually the card will actually leave your vault if it’s actually paid for. It seems that this is because it goes to the buyers vault or gets shipped out after payment.

The good news is despite how frustrating it was to have it unpaid is that the card actually sold for quite a bit more during the next auction block, so it was worth the wait and added frustration in the end.

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@qwachansey Apologies for missing the previous tag! As far as I know only items in the sold listings archive have been paid for, anything not paid for will not go there. A lot of people unfortunately wait until the final day to pay for their items for whatever reason, so it makes it a bit difficult to know if there will be any issues on any particular cards until the deadline is past. If you want to dm me I can check who the buyer is, see if it has been paid yet, and if not I can see what their history for paying for auctions is though if that helps any. Currently the unpaid rate for auctions is only around 3% so thankfully the amount of unpaid item has been consistently going down.
@greenshoots dm me and I’ll manually edit them for you, sorry for any hassle.

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Hi, yes, I understand all that, but I think there is a problem with the code. There are currently 13 out of what, a thousand Pokemon cards ended 9/4?, in the archive, and 0 for ended 9/11. There are usually several hundred cards added in the days following a weekly auction. To have roughly 1% of Weekly Auction 33 listed as paid for is a deeper system problem than simply some people waiting until the last minute.


Yeah I can add that I won and paid for 34 items that ended 9/4 and none of them are showing in the sales history.


They dropped a giant site update a few days ago, so that may have something to do with it, otherwise they may be only updating the sales history page at specific times now. I’ll reach out when I’m talking to the devs next time to see if anyone knows what’s up.


Hi all!

Yesterday my first batch of cards sold on PWCC. Now, how con I see if they have been paid or not, and when will i see my account balance to take the funds into my bank account?
Only thing i can see is my selling summary

It really depends. In my experience, the actual payout is anywhere from 15-20 days. People have 10 days to pay for an item, so they may not necessarily pay right away, and therefore you may still see the cards in your personal vault for the time being. PWCC only pays out once a week from what I can tell, and depending on how the dates line up the payout day may vary for you.

The only true confirmation of a complete sale that I’m aware of is when the card actually leaves your vault. This to me means they have paid and either shipped the card or it was sent to their own vault instead. So far the cards I have sold recently have actually left my vault. I had an unpaid one back in August and it did not leave the vault and eventually PWCC e-mailed me saying they didn’t pay for it. I didn’t get the e-mail from them for like 10+ days.

This is how it looks on my end currently:

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thank you! Mine are looking like yours also:

So i understand that I expect the payment to be done on october 4th? How is this window supposed to look when the payment is done?
thank you

Assuming it all lines up and everything is paid for, you should get the payout amount shown on those dates. Depending on your payout preference, it will usually go to your Marketplace account or if you have it setup to pay out to another place, the funds will go there instead. Personally, I have the funds go to my Marketplace account, and then I usually send them via ACH (no fees) to a US based account which I can then buy other things with or send to my personal country bank account as I’m international.

Anyone else getting this error when trying to pay for an invoice on PWCC right now?


Seems like the minimum bid price has been lowered to $5 as of Weekly auction #38.

Maybe PWCC are getting sick of so many slabs finishing without a bid at $10? :laughing:


Love this. Even more opportunity to pick up pack fresh w/ dent PSA 6’s for the binder :laughing:.


I’m going to see how low I can get a Vmax Starter Set Charizard V for just for laughs

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Why would they get sick of that? They just keep the slabs when that happens, much easier than shipping out a $10 card.

I wouldn’t be surprised if cumulative small fees on $5-9 sales are worth more to them than amassing thousands of forfeited junk slabs


The word “no” isn’t in pwcc’s vocabulary! But cutting off an outlet for junk slabs would be a net positive.


PWCC collected the junk slabs that didnt sell for $10 and will now sell them themselves at $5

It’s business baby


Trying to sell something on a selling platform, not being able to sell it, and then having it taken off you by said platform is a pretty shitty user experience that I imagine pwcc probably don’t want their users to have

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If I was PWCC, then I wouldn’t want the users that are sending in cards that won’t get the minimum bid.

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I would have thought the same, but lowering the minimum makes it seem like they want less things going unsold imo. Maybe they had the minimum bid at $10 thinking it would stop ultra junky slabs being submitted. That didn’t work, so now they’ve decided to lower the minimum and just farm the small fees, whilst annoying less users? I could see that being a decision they’d make