The one card!

What is the one card that always gets away from you and never seem to be able to obtain just from pure bad luck?

@haze – It used to be the [1997 Toyota Campaign Folder (Pikachu & Arcanine)]. I lost five auctions for it within three years. Luckily, I recently purchased it from my legendary hero (shpunto9) :heart:

A card that is beginning to display signs of “the one card” is the Computer Error [White R, Kamex Battle Tournament]. I kind of regret giving up so many opportunities to obtain it – however, it wasn’t a priority or an interest at the time; I knew others who wanted it more than I did, back then.

What about you, Haze? :blush:

Mine will always be the 1997 no. 2 trainer. The no. 2 and no. 3 were in live auctions in 2009. I won the no. 3 and I should of entered my max bid instead of just adding $20 increments on the no. 2. A girl in Germany outbid me and I probably won’t see that card for a long time.

Mine was a PSA 10 Golem Masaki Vending Holo. Over 10 years ago, there was an Ebay auction that I was going to bid on but my computer went haywire just as the auction was ending. My own fault for waiting to bid near the close. I still kick myself because there’s only 2 PSA 10 Golem’s and I’ve never seen another come up. I still need a PSA 10 Golem and a PSA 10 Gengar to complete the 5 card PSA 10 Masaki set…By the way the PSA 10 Golem sold for $75 back then…

Avalanche, why don’t you just buy a bunch of gengar and golem and send them in to be graded?


Easier said than done…The problem with Japanese Masaki Vending holos is the way they were mailed back. The cards were sent back on a sheet where the upper left corner and lower right corner were inserted…Most Masaki Vending holos have indentations in those areas that prevent them from grading at PSA 10…I’ve had a few Masaki sets PSA graded over the years. The highest I was able to get were PSA 9’s for the Golem & Gengar. I was able to get PSA 10’s for the Alakazam, Machamp & Omastar…The cards I was able to get PSA 10’s, came from 2 sets bought years ago from Japanese residents. Somehow both were able to get the cards directly from Media factory without having them attached to the sheets that caused indentations.

I see!
I guess I am mistaken!