The Marill Foundation (2 New Rare Marills)


In my teens I got back into Pokemon from my childhood. Me and my brother and sister started going to Pokemon Organised Play tournaments that were local, and I would trade with pester other players to get as many Marills as possible. The Marill Foundation was born!

Fast forward 10 years - me and my brother get back into Pokemon with the release of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire / Omega Ruby for the 3DS. My brother caught a shiny Dustox, and declared war on the Marill Foundation by forming the Dustox Dinguses. What followed was a series of petty achievements to try and out do each other (max ribbons, lvl 100, all minigames completed.) This then expanded into Pokemon Go in both trying to catch our shinies and get the best buddy ribbon.

I’ve been thinking of ways of maintaining the pressure and 1UP’ing the Dustox Dinguses, so I decided to try and collect all Marill, Azumarill & Azurill cards. Some say it’s best to collect Pokemon cards to fun, though for me it is for petty vengeance.

I am trying to collect each card in English & Japanese (in every variant including ex codes), along with any unique language variants.

A big thanks to @quuador for creating the lists of all cards that exist for a Pokemon!

Update: I am now collecting cameos!
Due to finances I won’t be able to collect the most expensive cards such as: No. 1 Trainer (2000/2001/2002), and the stamped versions of Tropical Tidal Wave 2010, Illusion’s Zorua Fan Art Winner.

I’ve ordered the binder by date released, I might switch this up in another update.
The spaces with the reverse of the cards showing are cards that are in transit.

Cameos Missing (3)
Pokemon Center Tokyo 019/p Promo
Tropical Tidal Wave 2010 English, no stamp
Japanese Tropical Tidal Wave 2010

Total: 216/223

Marill Cards 83/83
Azumarill Cards 63/63
Azurill Cards 18/18
Cameo Cards 56/59


Awesome collection, keep it up!

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Another post I wish I could like 100 times! Absolutely adore Marill! Awesome collection and I love the Marill Foundation Idea.

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I never realized how consistently good the artwork on Marill is. Great collection!

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This is such a sick collection, plus I never noticed how adorable totodile deck marill is

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@muk, Thanks! :grin:

@kromaticlanturn, Thank you! I noticed your half deck Totodile / Southern Island cards in your own thread! :wink:

@ascendedbidoof, Yeah! As much as I love the older cards the latest one from Eevee heroes one is great. Thanks! PS your username + signature picture is amazing

@nish, Thank you! haha yes - it is on another level


Yuusss, another single pokemon collector! Really love how surprisingly many japan exclusive cards there is for marill, also never realised how cool artwork basically all marill cards have!


@joponnes , Yes indeed! :grin: I think there are 5 artwork exclusive cards in JP! That one as marill as a plane(?) is my favorite!
Your Grimer / Muk collection is fantastic. I have a few non-TCG cards which I will perhaps upload later, but your collection makes me want to expand the non-TCG side of the collection!


Nice I really like Marill cos it has a myth around it with the Pikablue stuff, I like it’s design a lot more than Pikachu’s, great collection!


Thanks a alot, really glad to hear that! Would love to see your non tcg ones and would love even more to see the collection of them expand :grin:

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Very cool! “Pikablu” has some awesome cards, and it’s a bit of an overlooked icon. I remember talking rumors about it in 6th Grade when it was first teased. Mad feels. =)


@papafrankgod, Thank you! :blush:
@joponnes, I’ve uploaded the Non-TCG bits at the bottom of the post!
@xileets, Thanks! Haha yes I remember those same rumours growing up! :wink:


This is super cool, love this collection. I had never noticed before how earlier artworks are inconsistent in the sizing or marills ears. I love that collections like these can show the small changes in a pokemons design over time.


Woah, that many already and that cool ones! Was gonna say that i’m a sucker for playing cards but i thought of it and i’m kinda sucker for everything non tcg, they really bring out the variety of pokemon products :blush: awesome to see also the difference between gen 1 stuff and gen 2 stuff

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My last 3 Japanese Azumarills arrived today to complete the set. The unlimited variants of JP cards seem much harder to find!

I’ve updated the original post with the JP Azumarills, and the German exclusive snowflake Marill card!

@caffeinatedowl Thanks! And yeah… an interesting spot!
@joponnes Thank you! Yeah, some really interesting bits out there - maybe one day I’ll add more to the non TCG side of things!


A long overdue update!

I’ve now completed the collection of all Marill/Azumarill/Azurill cards! :grin:
I’ve expanded the collection to all variants of artwork cameos (minus the very expensive cards)

I’ve got 8 left to collect for my collection goals, I’ve updated the photos to the current collection - I hope you enjoy!

I also managed to snag my first slabbed Azumarill!
It’s my favourite Azumarill artwork (looks much better in Japanese too)
I’ll always have a soft spot for it as I used this in a deck to win a Pokemon City Championships in 2005, I’ll do a future post on the deck at some point!


Awesome Marill collection! Fusion Strike is out so now you need to go get the latest English Marill, it’s great artwork by sowsow. (I see you already have the Japanese version). Thanks for sharing your Marill binder :blush:

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Thank you! :blush:
You are right! I have ordered the English prints. The sowsow artwork has to be my new favorite


A mini-update… 2 very rare Marills!

This is the World Championship Pack (WCP) Unlimited version of ‘Energy Removal 2’ - by far it’s now the rarest card in my Marill collection! Whilst not the most exciting card, I believe this set was only on sale for a couple of days in Unlimited print.
The card was packaged incredibly well and would highly recommend @jrugenious212 as a seller :grin:

A second is this unpeeled Corocoro Marill I got from Japan - I’m over the moon to have this in the collection, especially in this condition!
I’d love to get a case for it but I’m not sure the best way to safely store this.

I will update my main post with an update at the end of the month - I’ve realized organizing the binder by date ascending is hard to look at haha. I’ll be able to fill in some of those blank slots from the last update too!