The Man With the Golden Gun

I recieved this awesome gift from my parents when I turned 16. My Favorite piece in my collection. I take it out to put it together and photograph it, once in a blue moon. Or to show it to my son.


That is f*&$ing sweet.


Thanks, This gun is what triggered my collection enthusiasm. Very cool piece to own.

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I gotta say as a big fan of the films this is amazing, any idea how much one would set you back?

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Somewhere between 1k-2k

Have seen a couple before but always love them. Especially nice condition though.

Wow that is incredible! Do you have a favorite bond film and/or game?

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Thanks! Yeah my favorite Bond game has to be Nightfire for the Nintendo GameCube. Although the Goldeneye remake is awesome. Its between those two.

As for films I really enjoy Die Another Day. I Own a few of them Including The Man with the Golden Gun, which I keep inside the box my Golden Gun is in.

Nightfire was pretty good. I remember playing the hell out of “Everything or Nothing” on the Gamecube. Did you ever play the original Goldeneye?

I have seen every Brosnan and Craig movie, but need to go through the originals.

Yeah I’ve played and owned the original Goldeneye. That is where I first fell in love with the golden gun actually. I second that, going through the originals that is.

I remember playing 007 with my father on N64 when he would come home between his two jobs. Some extremely fond memories.

  1. Goldeneye
  2. Live and Let Die
  3. Casino Royale
  4. Goldfinger
  5. Thunderball
  6. Skyfall
  7. From Russia with Love
  8. Tomorrow Never Dies
  9. The Man with the Golden Gun
  10. Dr. No

That’s the top 10 Bond films for me. I grew up on Pierce Brosnan so there would definitely be some bias for Goldeneye being #1, but it’s an awesome film.

Hyped as fuck for Spectre, Daniel Craig is an excellent Bond and I think this will be his last or 2nd last Bond(Michael Fassbender should play him next, Idris Elba is a suitable backup.) Christoph Waltz will play an amazing villain, and Batista playing a bad guy as well. Awesome.


Skyfall was literally an experience. I was captivated the whole time visually and then the storyline was compelling…which isn’t always the case with Bond. I remember all of the hate Craig initially got for his look and style not being right for Bond. I think I was a skeptical too (:heart_eyes: Brosnon). In the end, he’s a great Bond, and it was a good first step to open the character up a bit to new creative possibilities. I don’t think Idris Elba would have been as widely accepted (by the public) as a potential Bond without Craig.

That being said, I would love to see Fassebender as Bond. Or maybe I just love the idea of Fassbender and Waltz, as in I love Inglourious Basterds. (I know they wouldn’t be together…but kind of? :])

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That happens a lot with casting, someone totally unexpected will get cast in a pretty major role and people go into an uproar about it because it’s the unknown. I remember when it was announced that Heath Ledger got cast as The Joker for The Dark Knight and the internet exploded in an irrational hate, shitting all over the decision and calling for him to be fired. And it hadn’t even been filmed yet, and that turned out pretty damn amazing.

If Idris Elba did Bond, there’d be people being incredibly racist about it. ‘Bond can’t be black’ etc, but man he is a top quality actor, is the right age, and has an amazing voice.

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I had the same thought about the public outcry over Heath Ledger. But in all of our defense, how could anyone have understood how good it was going to be? Like, seriously. It was an amazing performance from…the dude who was in 10 Things I Hate About You and a Knights Tale. Even Brokeback Mountain which was supposed to be the serious thing he did, wasn’t even on the scale of His performance of the Joker. And on top of that, Maggie Gyllenhall was also something to trust, and personally she was the worst. It’s like she constantly plays slightly different versions of the girl from Stranger Than Fiction.

Also I need to know more about Idris Elba. My knowledge ends at Stringer from The Wire (RIP Wallace). Yes, I can only imagine the horribly racist things people would say. But then, fortunately, those people are usually drowned out by the acceptance and subsequent social changes they have to deal with.

@missingno Were you as disappointed as I was not to find on those blueprints the instructions on how to fire the gun? :]

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Some things you may have seen him in recently.

He has been playing Heimdall in the Marvel Universe.
Mumbles in RocknRolla
He played the pilot Janek in Prometheus
I think he was in Pacific Rim?

He is voicing Shere Khan in the Jungle Book movie coming out next year, and he is also going to be in the next Star Trek movie.

I still remember making my own Golden Gun replicas out of cardboard when I was a kid. I literally had dreams of one day owning one. Sometimes I would even get upset out of frustration that they never made 007 toys, only games. I was very young. A decade later…THIS! I can die in peace lol (Probably will ask my family to bury me with it in my hand) Im not a big scaramamga fan, im more of a bond guy but this gun is just beautiful.

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I wanted to top Psydock so bad by saying, “The names Fond, James Fond (memories)”. :blush:

But seriously, Goldeneye 64 was a memory making machine! I think it would be easier to find someone who dislikes food or sex than someone who dislikes Goldeneye 64. It was an integral part of people lives who grew up with the game.


He was the general sort of guy in Pacific rim.

Which Casino Royale?