THE Great Grading Results Thread

Earlier this week I completed one of my personal goals: To grade every single Dutch 1st Edition Base Set non-holo in a PSA 10. Since I really wanted this to be my last sub, I went a little overboard with the multiple copies. Nonetheless extremely happy with the results. Couldn’t have asked for a better ending to this journey. I guess the holos are next :smile:


Very nice! Good luck with the full PSA-10 set, landgenoot. :wink:


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That sightseer is stupid money lol, congrats

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Hit on a Neo Genesis Pichu out of a Economy sub that just finished. Approximately 1.5month turnaround.


Highlights from a 126 card value submission from July:


July $18 continues to speed through PSA, outperforming higher tiers I’ve submitted at.

Got grades for my 21 card YuGiOh sub in yesterday and today I got grades for my 42 card English Pokemon sub (+ 2 Duel Masters cards lol).
21% of the sub earned 10s (9/42) but there were maybe 3-4 cards that I thought were flat out not in 10 contentions.

here are the highlights

Aggron and Blaziken are pretty big cards for me (I mostly collect in the sub $1000 price points) and the Undaunted Scizor might be a sleeper hit.

Hilariously that ditto is a childhood copy that I fished out of a jumbled shoe box when I visited home 6 months ago or so. Oh and that Bolshack Dragon Duel Masters card is kinda the Charizard of that game so I’m thrilled to have pulled and graded that 10. Not the most expensive card in DM but def the most iconic.

I got 9s on all my pack fresh EX TMTA reverse holos. I might have to crack and resend… depends on how my Graded Card Review submission goes


Damn!!! Some big RS holos there. 2 Aggron 10s is insane – those are the first 10s to be added to the pop report in 7 months.
That’s interesting that you got 9s on pack fresh TMTA reverses. The 4 that I submitted all got 10s. Anecdotally, the quality of pack fresh reverses from that set seems super high to me. Resubbing might be worthwhile…


I am stunned/thrilled by the aggrons for sure. I already have a 10 in my PC so now I guess I have 20% of the pop lol (I don’t think this sub has been added to PSA Pop reports yet). It is one of my favorite artworks from when I collected as a kid.

Will def either send for review or crack and resub. esp on the better cards like Groudons and Kyogres that I need for my PC. I agree, the quality looks good! the only thing I could see the grader not knowing how to react to are those small spots in the holo that you see. I’m sure you know what I’m referring too. Imo those are acceptable on 10s bc they’re pretty ubiquitous for 2003 reverses (including WOTC E Series)


Pretty pumped with this return. For reference, this was a 6 card economy order that arrived 8/15 and entered on 8/30. Topsun cards are no #'s:



These are some great cards! This gives me hope for my Economy submission that arrived 08/08 and entered on 09/01.

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I know it’s not Pokemon, but I can’t help but be excited and want to share. Pop 1.


Oh that’s rad. You know what’s so funny, today I bought my first ever DBZ boosters. I loved that show as a kid and am mostly just going for a little nostalgia. They were calling to me at Target.

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Hey guys, I need some advice on getting autos graded (BGS auto grade and card grade). What is the best way to do this? I filled out their online submission form (economy grading, 2/7 autographed), but I’m not sure if i was supposed to get the signatures authenticated beforehand (perhaps with BAS). Please let me know what i should do, thanks.

Sent in with CGC pre-population report release. Broke the cases and sent to PSA during the July wave.


Insane. Blessed by the grading gods. Congratulations!