The Giant Professional Grading Thread

Thank you everyone for your help! Close to making a possible purchase. @wisewailmer @Dyl @pokecollectoramy @PkmnTrnAnt


What are you considering? Found a different copy?

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QQ: I’m packing my first shipment in a while. The PSA website states:

On Page 1 of all submission forms, type or write the total number of orders & the total number of items in the package.

However there’s no box for this on my submission forms. I see this from previous submissions forms which I’ve filled out before but not on my current one. I’m also shipping two orders in this package. Probably overthinking and will just write it on anyway, but wondering if anyone else has had this issue recently? Hoping my submissions aren’t messed up.

I also have a submission label for both submissions, and a combined shipping label. Do I only use the combined one? Thanks!

My most recent order from last week also did not have any place for me to write anything like I have in the past. It was received and imaged quickly without issue (small 4 Funko DNA order).

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I’ve never sent multiple submissions in one package but… From my most recent submission in Febuary, top of the first page:

If the form has changed since then, I apologize. If it is no longer on the submission form, I can imagine that the info on the website is simply outdated.

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The form has changed and they haven’t updated their website. You used to write in the total number of orders and total number of collectibles, as @expedition said. Now it’s done for you.


Hey guys. Jw if you think this can get a 10. Any thoughts? Haven’t submitted 4k UHD yet.

Close up pics;

Uploading: IMG_2088.jpeg…

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Not at all. One of the corners is demolished for one

I think that whole post was facetious in the first place but I agree with you lol the corner and wrap don’t look great. Def won’t gem!

Oh haha. True

I submitted my cards with the April special. I thought upcharges weren’t so common. 17 out of my 166 card submission got upcharged. Some cards now have a grading fee of $129. That is insane!

As you know, the fees are tied to the appraised value of the graded cards. Which cards got the upcharge, and do they align with their increased value? If they do, then they should have been submitted at a higher tier as per PSA policy. If they don’t, then you should speak with them about erroneous upcharges.

I don’t wanna spoil myself yet, but the 2–3 cards I checked probably deserve the upcharge.
Just read a couple of times that people never got an upcharge at all.

PSA has been highly inconsistent with upcharges recently, but I imagine that this will change as it benefits their bottom line considerably. We may be moving away from the times of no upcharge submissions.

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I agree. I’d guess if they are getting faster at grading overall it may free up more time for the backroom stuff like upcharges.

One of my fav cards but not sure about grading poorer condition cards like this. What do y’all think?

It won’t increase its value with that condition but if you want to encase it and protect it, you can definitely grade it.


any idea what grade beat up cards like this come in on? I feel good about guessing 7,8, and 9s but not the lower grades

Yeah, it’s quite tricky. I would say something between 3-5. In the lower grades, it really depends on the graders’ mood.

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dang, well that is good to know it’s a fickle thing