The Giant English Market Thread

It’s a good point about Vintage vs Modern prices. I’ll admit that so far I have been at times shocked by modern prices given the high supply of totally mint examples compared to most vintage cards/sets which either have more manufacturing defects or were handled or have had other issues after 20+ years of time.

For the longest while I’ve had the mindset of MTG collecting where a lot of vintage cards there have consistently held value or gone higher compared to modern, but in reality the modern MTG market is much more limited in collecting compared to Pokemon where people actually grade & collect modern cards a lot more.

So overall, it’s been a learning process the past few years for me. However, I just collect what I actually enjoy, so I don’t get too caught up in the finance side too much. In fact, I sort of look at the whole thing overly positive. By having such a strong modern Pokemon market one could argue it’s helped keep vintage prices down (good for collectors like me), while also keeping the longer term interest in Pokemon strong (both old & new collectors). All of this to me as a whole is a net positive for both vintage & modern, and so I’m all for it really.


I agree, I used to buy modern every week because it was so popular. But now modern prices have gotten to the point where I no longer want to purchase them when I can get vintage for cheaper.

Being completely honest I hope it stays like this for a while because there’s a ton I want to buy that is vintage. I believe in vintage more than modern and it tickles my nostalgia too.

It’s been fantastic to be able to buy vintage largely unopposed while the rest of the world scrambles to buy up any target/walmart tin with a reprint pack of evolving skies in it


This is so true, best thing is posts like this on fb groups:

Paying 60-75% : looking for Alt arts, tag team, ponchos modern sealed boxes, budget 100k

These ‘pokeinvestors’ doesnt want anything to do with vintage right now.

Meanwhile im slowly completing my vintage goals.


no one cares about wotc that stuff is for boomers /s

i really hope ppl dont sell these at 60-75%…

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What I find interesting too is that there’s a lot of modern only collectors who are convinced it will always continue to outperform vintage financially speaking going forward. Like I actually read comments and posts saying things like “don’t bother with vintage, it’s already maxed out” or “you missed your chance bro” or “if you didn’t collect before Covid you’ll never see growth”. How can anyone know for sure though?

The way I see it is, the gaps between each market could definitely close more over time. They will both have ups & downs over many years. Vintage has proven itself for 20+ years now. Sure, it’s corrected since Covid times, but a lot of other things have as well. I find it funny too that a lot of these modern collectors are all in on SWSH or certain XY cards, but I don’t see nearly as many cheering on S&V sets. It’s like crickets in comparison.

So I think it really comes down more to individual cards & sets. If I was going to be an ‘investor’, I wouldn’t totally bet on just 1 or the other, I’d be going for the best of each era.

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I am one of the people spamming Facebook groups buying all the modern alt arts at 85%-100% of market.

If I posted vintage buyouts I would be bombarded with people sending me pictures of LP/DMG copies of the cards. Wastes a ton of my time, and waste of theirs. And that’s even if I specify looking for mint copies only.

With ultra modern, the chances are much higher someone will have a mint card laying around than a vintage one.

That’s how I see it.

Your still buying at the inflated prices of alt arts since the June boom? I’ve seen them drop a little bit you’re essentially offering full price on them. That’s pretty solid. Sounds like you’re going about it better than most people. 45-50% offers are common. Same people who like to flex their budget with pics of cash

Yeah, for the cards that have super pumped, I go off of the lowest listed (verified shops) and recent sales on TCG.

I like to grade them and then flip it quickly and move onto the next ones.

I think this is just the norm. Most modern is mint, most vintage is not. Perhaps this is partly why some new people are modern only, because vintage is harder.


From selling cards here in the Netherlands i came to the conclusion that vintage and modern collectors are 2 very different kind of collectors.

On one hand you have the >30 year old vintage boomer collectors (im one of them) who are past the phase of buying their first home and so on.

On the other hand you have the <25 year old inexperienced hype kids who still have to buy their first homes and other expensive adult stuff.

I totally get them though, if i was 10 years younger i would probably have the same mindset.
‘I Will never afford a home anyway so im just going to spend all my money, hope for the best and live day by day.’

Hype kids vs Boomers i honestly dont know how this is going to end for us Boomers😅 but im going back to enjoying these quiet days in the vintage market.


Interesting how the much the high accessibility of modern and difficultly of acquisition of vintage really defines the different segments of the market.

Depending on your perspective, accessibility is either a strength or weakness. I would say it’s highly dependent on whether your outlook is on the order of months or years.


Next Moonbreon?


The pumpers always need a chase card to pump. SV is strapped for those and Greninja just happens to be popular enough.

The Hydro Pump will inevitably go down the drain whenever a new hot card comes out.


As long as people are happy with what they are buying, who cares what they like.


Real or fake?

Where’s it being sold, and what price

anyone selling a 200k card should be able to take better pics than that. its fake anyway

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My man’s missing a chunk of his left wing. Pretty obvious fake


And it looks like the unlimited art as well. Here is a side by side for comparison: