The Giant English Market Thread

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Have any of you guys tried using mild humidity and pressure to flatten out small corner dents like this one?

I gave it a shot on one base Holo card and it was mildly successful but I wasn’t sure if anyone else has tried or has more tips

Kurts cards has a few videos where it works on Pokemon and sports etc but he’s also selling a kit which may make things easier don’t know

Desk + penny sleeve + card + another penny sleeve + q tip + literal hours of wrist endurance (been training for this for decades).

Was trying this recently on an OBJC (old-back Japanese card, let’s make this acronym happen people) with edge lipping and like a DUMMY didn’t realize I was using my eagle talons to hold the card in place. Good news is the same technique worked on the fingernail dent:



Not sure it was worth giving myself carpal tunnel though


Is €220(~$240) a good deal for this Registeel Gold Star? Not looking to grade it, just gonna keep it in a binder.

Just looking for a second opinion before pulling the trigger :grin:

Personally, I would buy a PSA 6 that looks mint besides a small indent for $250-$275, crack it out, and call it a day.


Ya I would do the same. Especially if you could find one in auction. In this market it would probably go cheaper than a MP copy :sunglasses:

Its been a while since I have posted on this site.

You can currently purchase here on Ebay Aus, Fusion Strike Booster Boxes sealed, For $140.00 AUD posted. Whats that 93 USD dollars.
The listing should not be to hard to find, the deal ends in a few days (plus you need to be ebay plus member)

Great value.

My ebay auction block was super disappointing this month. This is end of the month Sunday night with paid promotional fees and 100% positive feedback and free postage. Some examples below;

It blows my mind that old/mint/rare holos such as PSA 9 Celebi and Mew 10th Anniversary barely cover the grading fee
NM Evolutions Charizard sold for less than half of the 5-years-newer Celebrations Charizard market value
Low pop 2010 PSA 9 Ampharos just £32
WOTC holo lot average £2.18 per card including a NM Vaporeon
Base 2 Blastoise just £16
Empty WOTC Neo Revelation pack (one of the most expensive sealed packs) £1.20
I sold a couple of card lots in which a single card was worth double the whole sold price not long ago

Meanwhile people are paying £300-500 for the non-holo ultra modern felt hat Pikachu in PSA 10

This is definitely a good time to buy


Definitely! This is the result of everyone trying to sell Pokémon cards. I’m in the process of revising my eBay inventory and it’s crazy how cheap some cards are right now!


I feel like I have this exact same feeling whenever I run auctions here in the UK… It’s rough

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Same, this is why I never list auctions in UK - I only list Buy It Now’s / best offer as auction prices normally end much lower for stuff <£100
Great for buying though.


What if we lived in a world where Ebay required all auctions to start at .99 cents…

Is there a site to track overall volume of Pokemon card purchases for graded and raw? I use Ebay’s Terapeak and search for certain cards but wonder if theres a more aggregated set of data to look at. Feels like volume is down a lot.

I also noticed that trainer gallery SWSH raw prices are mostly on a downtrend. Most of the chase zards from SWSH are also downtrending pretty dramatically.

Also it seems like SM cosmic eclipse tag team prices are also on a downtrend since September.

Definitely anecdotal but I feel like I am seeing more lots/binders of cards trying to be offloaded in the groups I am in. Seems like a good time to be completing sets or getting certain modern chase cards.

Anyone else noticing the same?

Pokemonprice used to track volume but they don’t consistently update the site. Even when they did it only included eBay. Personally my eBay sales slowed a couple months ago, mainly because I didn’t update my prices in 3 years. Once I started to sales resumed normally. The average price on most set cards/high quantity cards is definitely lower.

Auction prices are definitely way down. I’ve been getting very good prices (as a buyer) via ebay auctions lately. This week in particular I’ve gotten some previously unseen prices on 1st ed base/skyridge/vintage sealed/promos.

Not surprised to see low-end stuff going for cheap too.

Terapeak is a great tool for exploring data, but it has its limitations—it’s exclusive to eBay only of course. Take a look at the Pokemon PSA search: three years ago, total sales reached 83 million. However, last year, that figure dropped to 65 million. But in the last 365 days, the numbers have rebounded to 83 million, showing a positive trend.

This positivity is particularly noteworthy because eBay banned PWCC in August 2021, which took away a significant amount of sales from eBay. The graph shows an immediate drop in the average price per card sold when the ban took effect. You can still observe spikes in the average price per card during weeks when PWCC ran auctions on eBay.

The average sale price has remained relatively steady since the ban. In the last 90 days, the monthly average of sales is around 6.5 million, just slightly below the 7 million averaged in the nine months prior.