The Giant English Market Thread

Very proud to say im now your 1st subscriber @dblast.


well well you are quite the wise wailmer. It’s a good time to be in Pokemon and I would love to put a full time effort in as our influencers have done so far , then I canspeak to all the Billiams out there. :slight_smile: I’ve spoken with highly coveted media comrade that slays his market and quote, ‘I love you’ is a response I milked from individual in front of his daughter.

@bill bring it; cant have too many good cards and I don’t mind competition. I’m happy if prices go up or if they are down, I plan buy some more as cash flow is freeing up second half of the month but I don’t think prices can stay this low, we’ll see. Thanks for following

@smpratte Appreciate the support, but you are out there and I’m glad you are continuing to do good work, ~everyone check out SMpratte’s videos as well if you haven’t done so already. But everyone already has here Im sure lol.

I’m excited for the continued good times.


Petition for @dblast to start his own market thread with weekly updates? I would love that so much.


The Giant @dblast market thread needs to happen :laughing:


Isn’t this like the 3rd or 4th relist of that PSA 9 Blastoise? I think I recognize that cert number from previous auctions. Not sure what’s going on with it. People were probably hesitant to bid considering its history. Another one just sold for $4k.

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Yep, Drew has relisted that Blastoise for several weeks in a row. I don’t know who is messing with the auctions, but it is frustrating to see.


Glad it wasn’t just me noticing that lol

Btw nice to see another Gengar-in-second-team-position fellow on here :saluting_face:

Edit: Umbreon in 5th too!

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Anyone knows whats the rough population of worlds tropical wind 2004 with stamp? The pop report is inflated with non stamp copies?

Yeah the pop is innacurate due to that, but we can probably get a rough estimate. 05 had ~450 competitors and has a pop of 37 as of now. 04 had ~310 competitors so if we took the same pop % to competitors it would be about 25 copies. I would say 04 is more popular so it is probably a little more than that. I would say it’s probably under 50, but that is just me guessing from how many I have seen pop up over the years.


Wow these are rare for sure. Stamped ones are hard to find for 2004.

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I broke one from a psa 8 slab for my binder and did not send in the label so - 1 :sweat_smile:

You monster!

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Anyone who has a distributor, can you confirm if brilliant stars just had a reprint like lost origin did?

It’s looking like it did but the info isn’t as public as LOnfor some reason

1st zard psa 9 base sold for 21.1k yesterday for 2x ( psa 8 o/c ) . Same day, a .5x cert 1st base zard psa 9 sold for 22k. Yes both within last 24 hours.

Yet blastoise 1st base 9 2x wont hit 4k via auctions and bgs 8.5 is 9k? Clearly the bgs 8.5 is worth near 16k-20k and blastoise 9 base is at minimum 4.5k in auctions, but the times are interesting.

Let’s be honest though, that all those are deal and are worth much much more.

Second half of Sept seems to be shaping upwards though. Cheers


Your thoughts on this one, @dblast?


How did that get a 7 centering :joy:


With bgs a 7 means essentially damaged so a 7 sub is not good. I’ve had creases on 8 surfaces. On high value cards too that should get extra review time

That’s crazy…so if a 7 is damaged then the 2.5 surface grade must mean the card was ripped in half, taped back together, then thrown in the wash, and then ripped up again

It looks like it was

considering that’s an authentic 1st edition base charizard and graded, that’s a low price as well. Cheers to however bought that.

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