The Giant eBay Garbage Thread

Zero discipline today. I mean, MY discipline sucks, and I would never dream of this… maybe it’s just zero morals. :pikaannoyed:


I am severely struggling to get by as a new college student and increases to my rent I need to pay to not be homeless but I will be emptying what little savings I have to buy a pack of pokemon cards.


But it’s the last one they need. Show a little sympathy…


Tamper evident tape only works if you put it over the seam… :pikaannoyed:
Yes. The entire bottom flap was practically open.


He’s struggling because he needs that last pack.

Shocking. :roll_eyes:



Time to wait for 4 days then cancel for non-payment.


A contract is a contract… until it’s inconvenient.


Sceeen shot of someone else’s card and calling it a possble black label.


BGC lol


Screenshot of a picture of an ungraded card listed at the 9.5 price? What could go wrong?

Had a big eBay seller reuse pictures from a previous listing and send a different card. When presented with the evidence, the response I got was “yes, I reused pictures as it’s a bulk card”. It’s a $10 card, a little more than bulk mate. At least their honest?

IDK. Do they state the pictures are stock photos? I mean, regardless of the unit cost, it the pic says stock, I would not expect the exact unit shown. BUT if it does NOT say “stock”… I’d check if it’s important and ambiguous.

BUT this relates to my gripe for today:

When I ask for a picture after you tell me it was damaged, don’t tell me it’s a hassle to take one, when you have your phone within reach and can send it on the app from that same device.

Isn’t the latter thing just a shady buyer practice to try and extract partial refunds? It’s not too much of a hassle; there just isnt any damage.


I had a seller cancel a steal price on a flareon poncho claiming there’s a big crease that’s not shown in any of the photos and I was like ok so offer me a partial refund??? and then they relisted the item at a higher price, same photos


I think stock photos are fine as long as it’s made clear on the listing that you won’t receive the exact card pictured. If they just listed it with no disclaimer then you’re completely justified in being unhappy that you got a different card.

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Yeah no stock image disclaimer was made. I only buy a card when I can see exactly what I’ll be receiving. The only stock image listings I’ve ever seen either have multiple quantities for sale or a picture that looks straight off tcgplayer. What is ebays stance on stock images for trading cards? Considering you can return if what you receive doesn’t match the picture I would be surprised if they allow it. Not that I would return if it was made clear I wouldn’t receive the card that is shown.

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Used for shady practices on both sides, I guess.

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I believe they’re technically not allowed on “used” items (all singles are used). Definitely not enforced though

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This made me chuckle until I saw 3 already sold :pensive: