The Giant eBay Garbage Thread

Thats a pretty terrible psa 8 though

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meh, it’s pretty normal in my experience to have whitening on 8s. this one has a pretty decent amount, but the rest of the card is otherwise great. this isn’t particularly out of line with what i would expect from a psa 8

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Whitening on 8s is normal but that is far more whitening than I see on an overwhelming majority of psa 8s.

idk i dont think it’s that bad. some 8s are just 8 quality all around, some are like 7 edges, 9 centering, 9 surface. I think a 7 would be too low for this card

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Looks like an 8.


Feel free to redirect if I missed a thread for FB marketplace disasters, but uh… here’s this -

The old lamination station strikes again.

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I’ve rescued a few charizard from this fate. :smirk: Not in so cal, are they?

I know I was half tempted… they’re in Oregon

I mean this with the upmost respect, Probstein is the Walmart of consignments. He has the work ethic of an entire village, hence the insane volume he does, but that workload makes it’s difficult to resolve issues when they arise. I remember another member had a similar situation where a few items they won ended up being relisted. In that scenerio it was just cards being lost in the fog. Iirc I think once they finally got through to someone Probstein rectified the situation!


I opened an “item never received” case and immediately received a refund.

The item that I won and that was relisted is currently at 4x the price I paid for it. Not hard to see what happened here. Left negative feedback.


see, now in this case, I’d leave neutral feedback. Knowing probstein, nothing malicious happened, but the situation was not ideal and DID cause harm. Missing a great deal sucks! Seems like that happens a lot more in general since 2020… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Principles, people…
STILL, you are perfectly justified in feeling the way you do, and honestly, I think that’s fair that probstein get the negative feedback. It’s a metric for them as well as for prospective buyers. But at the same time, it’s not a trend, just a volume thing. unfortunately. :frowning_face:

Personally, I would not leave a negative feedback on this experience as it may limit me from buying from them again. I’m not sure if they block buyers who leave negative feedback, but other consignment groups do (e.g. Z&G).

To me, the annoyance of having to buy a different card after receiving my refund is worth the ability to buy from them again, as I know how often they consign cards that I need for my collection. It sounds silly to not leave negative feedback on bad selling behavior, but I would never want to be blacklisted from their auctions.


Interesting, i wasnt aware of blocking buyers that leave negative feedback, though it makes sense now that i think about it. I think the negative feedback is valid here, but the possibility of getting blocked certainly makes this a bit more complicated

I think it’s abhorrent that my options are a.) continue to buy from this seller or b.) tell the truth for other buyers to make informed decisions with their own money. That’s monopolistic behavior and should not be the standard.

If getting a block is the price I have to pay, so be it.


Fair enough. I’m not saying that it’s fair, just that it may have unintended consequences.

@needszeebs Why would sellers not block buyers who leave negative feedback? People who leave negative feedback are often difficult buyers. @kazambolt is completely justified in leaving a negative feedback here because of the bad service, but when you sell millions of cards per year, it’s all a strategic numbers game.

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Ngl, I got excited for a second there.

Screen Shot 2023-11-21 at 6.26.40 PM


Completely different to big sellers but I block buyers for much less just because I’m super cautious when selling on ebay

People who leave negative or neutral feedback
People who open an ebay case unreasonably quick
People who open an item not received case on cheap items where the low level mail service used can’t prove if it was actually delivered or not
People who message stupid questions
People who cancel bids
0 feedback bidders bidding on items over $50

For me all these types of ebayers are more likely to create problems so I’d rather limit my sales than take the chance


I totally get being upset about this and I don’t blame you for leaving negative feedback. It sucks when stuff like this happens and it also sucks when you can’t even get them to respond to a message.

That said, they sell an absolutely insane amount of cards. They literally do not have time to even pay attention to or care about what one single random card sold for compared to comps.

If they don’t have the time to pay attention to their sales, they are making too many sales. Their processes are deeply flawed at best. They sold me a card, then somehow it ended up in the pile to list again? And just so happens to be a card that sold lower than expected hmm.

I’m happy to expose terrible business practices. Whether it’s a mistake or malicious it doesn’t really matter.

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I don’t disagree, just saying it’s very likely incompetence or at the very least taking on more than they can handle, and not maliciousness.