The Giant eBay Garbage Thread

“Sure, you send me the card for $490 (as is my right for winning the auction) and all goes smoothly you get positive feedback. If you cancel I’ll leave negative feedback. Thanks for working it out”


Canceled as expected…wasn’t even that much of a steal imo :man_shrugging:


If there is a reserve, is it even an auction?


I was watching this one. What do you think the reserve was, 11.5? :joy:

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Send in the clowns :unamused:


Do we forgive or block and report international buyers that don’t pay and message to say that they weren’t aware of the exchange rate, postage cost or customs tax after winning an auction?

I’ve had several in one small lot of auctions do the same and some won multiple items. In some of these listing I’ve paid promotion fees that I won’t get back and will have to pay again when I relist the item

That’s unfortunate but happens and is a risk for sellers. Most listings have free relisting up to 5x, but paid promotions may incur another fee

Has anyone noticed the garbage when sellers or currently ‘epicurean11TheGBSpecialist’ - flooding the market with ’ (100+'s) of 1st base graded charizards, with clearly other people’s pictures of cards, and some spam marketing note in alt pictures ‘please do not buy this item, email me…’

Can we report these sellers and get rid of what seems like sketchy auctions selling highly valued items and a majority of their high ratings are for $1 items? I’m sure this has been occurring for awhile, anything that can be done or it is what it is?

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Unfortunately, it is what it is. This type of scam comes around every few months on Pokemon eBay listings.

I reported some of the auctions anyway

The buyer wants to return the item because it is laminated and just happens to have overlooked the “READ LAMINATED” in the title, description and photos


Obviously on the buyer here but Id add LAMINATED in the pictures in big red letters to avoid selling to someone that doesn’t want a laminated card, save yourself the headache. Lots of people dont read the title very closely or the description at all.


I feel attacked

I think we’ve all done it at least once, especially if youre new to collecting. The difference between being featured on the ebay garbage thread or not is if you own up to your mistake and just keep the card or try to return it.

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This guy is a nutjob. I’ve unfortunately had him message me before. Block him if you haven’t already.


wait… Why was the return “automatically approved”? Why are they paying shipping?

or wait…
Did you allow returns on this listing?

Thanks! Will do.

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Not garbage per se but one of my bigger pet peeves. I’m going to pick on Squeaks here cause he’s a big dealer and a lot of his cards are like this. No back picture and no cert in the description. Like why?? The cards have been sitting unsold for months. Who is paying $2000 without seeing the back. Even just a cert number in the description somewhere would allow us to see the damn photos on the cgc website. Just annoying, lazy and bad choice from seller standpoint.

One example:


The E4 & eBay user @thegamingport intentionally bought an item that had been reserved for me (a few weeks ago). I wasn’t aware they were the buyer, and messaged them a playful gibe, wishing them luck in their sales. This user proceeded to mock me by revealing that they stole my reserved item and are messaging me images of their purchase.

Below, I included the full message thread including my initial message for transparency.

(I will probably get flamed for sharing this publicly, but I’m trying to be more confident lately and speaking up for myself.)

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You’re upset because you were too slow to buy an item that another person also wanted? Hard to fault them for buying something when it was freely listed on eBay. If the seller agreed to hold it for you, they should have unlisted it.

I don’t think you can blast another user for buying something that they wanted. This sounds like an issue with you and the seller who promised you that they would hold it. :person_shrugging:


The item was listed with my name. It’s common courtesy to not buy that.

Nevertheless, I actually was fine with accepting that I lost the purchase. This happened a few weeks ago, after all.

I am, however, disconcerted by them sending me unrequested images of them sniping the listing from me. I don’t need that rubbed in my face. That’s the behavior I find boorish and untrustworthy.