The Giant Art Thread

Otherwise i would have no problem buying the japanese ones but the pages with the emptly slots for them and that whole section of my collection only have english cards so coping with that ocd felony would be a stretch :upside_down_face:

@bbobrob that grin cannot be unseen! I’m passively collecting those metal figures each time i get new ones in lots i’m buying for slime but i haven’t gotten slowpoke yet, something i’m looking forward to happening in future now after seeing this :smile:


:rofl: I went through that exact same struggle

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Osare, an exciting new illustrator with a unique approach. High-brow, anatomically sound cartoons with some really clever coloring. Lots of great depictions here:

Love this Forretress.


The Forretress looks great! They also have a Darumaka in the upcoming set that caught my eye. Strong and vibrant colors; simplistic but effective backgrounds; and great shading on that Forretress. Will definitely be on the lookout for their cards!


Kimura’s cards are just a whole other level! I love their cards with more than one Pokémon in! I could share their cards from the Southern Islands, too, but 50% of the set was drawn by them!


He’s so smol


Would have given the swsh alts a run for their money if it wasn’t a promo


Woah! Where’d this one come from? :0

It comes out in August with the new set

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Wow! Thanks, I’m hoping it’s in a like 80 dollar price point premium collection so I can get 4 copies.

It didn’t look like it came in a premium collection. I’ll see if I can find the pic

To add to the creepiness of these metal figures, look at these empty eyes


Whoh! That is a beautiful card! @jaxlax21 must be out of their mind!


Not sure if this has been posted anywhere on the forum but saw this the other day and thought it was cool, maybe even a good phone lockscreen! Obviously we know the three cards make this picture, just neat to see it fully laid out.


Is this a full art made by artist or someone playing with AI? I remember people using this art line at some point when testing AI’s abilitys to make art