The Giant Art Thread


The beginnings of a little project I’m working on. I was surprised at how cool such a simple idea turned out to be, and hope you all will appreciate it and recognize what it’s from. :grin:


edit: Replaced updated image with a third version. Needed highlights and reflections.


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Magnificent watercolor of Talonflame by the immensely talented Brenda Lyons.


You really could just post all the art rares at this point but I didnt discover this until today. I love the colors on it.



I love this, thanks for sharing

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There is something special about these Ruby Sapphire Nishida’s. A perfect melange of sharp, rich detailing and fluidity. Perhaps her finest hour.


I had the same impression while I was doing a little “rewatch” of pokemon art.
Surely I’m nostalgic and biased but artists like Nishida, Harada, Komiya peaked during that era.
So maybe the art direction behind the scenes really was on point?
Perhaps they managed to find a perfect balance after years of experimentation during the wotc era, possibly before that the workflow became totally digital and their technique was a bit disrupted?


I think both their styles are as good as it ever was even when it’s digital. It’s just that they’re overshadowed by new talent flaunting on a much larger canvas with fresh perspective, and consequently they’re not given nearly as many opportunities to draw


I think there was more cohesion. I like to read articles on the development of world design. Magic the gathering still puts lots of effort into the world design behind their (some) set design, but IDK that pokemon does. I think during this era tho, pkmn tcg had some of the strongest world design that sets have ever had. starting in Aquapolis, there was some major thematic backbone.

I do have to counter tho, I don’t think Komiya peaked during this time. I think he started to change his style to a more surrealist-acid than simply impressionist, playing with light and color, but keeping form. I actually think those two styles from Komiya have a lot more depth and appeal than the early, child-like (?) style.


This is an interesting take, I agree. World design and cohesion are really important, as a good art direction: they can truly elevate an artist skills.

Regarding Komiya, yes I totally understand your point of view. I excluded him from the little progression above, since I recognize how subjective my statement was and didn’t want to excessively cherrypick examples.
I prefer the mastery of the old “more grounded” Komiya, because I’m not a huge fan of his too acid-too noisy works.

@koala I don’t think you’re wrong, imho harada and nishida recovered a lot of their previous appeal.
I totally respect artists work, I just believe that DP-through all XY was a transition period for a lot of them. It’s a theory purely based on subjective observations, and especially claiming that it was caused by bad art direction+overuse of digital painting, is purely speculation

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Kind of a repost, but I’ve also separated some parts of it that I don’t think I’ll use in the final. If anyone likes and wants a certain “stage” lemme know. My aim in this project is to highlight mewtwo more, and give it more edge and life. Still a work in progress…


edit: added the version below that I’m FINALLY happy with! It actually turned out pretty sick! and taught me a decent amount about shading, transparency, filters, etc.


It’s really really good! I like the previous version a lot too, it feels so mysterious when it’s lit only by the rim light. Great work.

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yes! Ultimately, I’ll go with something that’s mostly the foreground. Leaving just the form in the darkness is more earie, which is what I want. But I figured I’d share the version we’re mostly all familiar with as well.


illus. James Turner
Pokémon x Harmoknight (rhythm platform 3DS game) promotional artwork


updated previous post with the final version. :slight_smile: I like it a LOT! Just needed some shading and subtle reflections.

@koala There’s no rumblings of bringing this back or a new entry in the franchise, right? I am dismayed to learn I missed out with the closing of eShop while I was in grad school. :cry:

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No mention in the last 10 years, but it’s still a Game Freak game featuring Pokémon-inspired songs so :person_shrugging:

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