The frequency of 2xx cert in 1st Ed Base PSA 9 holos

Hi guys,

I’ve been building a 1st Ed Base PSA 9 holo set, and I’ve noticed the vast majority of available 9s are from the 2xx cert era or lower ( not that it’s a bad thing, I love getting the 2xx cert discount when collectors care too much about the serial #). I was thinking about it, and I assume this is because most of 1st Ed base was graded 5-10+ years ago and there has been extremely limited sealed or raw mint cards pop up over the years.

Are there any other insights to this? I know gary graded a ton of it way back, but I would be interested to hear any thoughts on this.

I looked at the PSA 9 1st ed stoise as an example and it’s PSA 9 pop only really increases by 70~ copies per year since 2018/19

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The main Pokemon cards that had value in the 2XX cert era were 1st ed Base Holos, so that is what people sent in.

Sorry, there is no greater conspiracy


Back then it was a lot more feasible to buy packs or boxes to crack and grade for yourself. So naturally, the supply of mint cards was a lot higher

In 2016 when I started with Pokémon you got get almost all 1st edition WOTC holo’s for around $25. PSA grading costed 6-7$, packs still were only 15-20$.

Things changed fast the last couple of years…

Edit: Not base though to be correct, I was more reffering to sets like Fossil and Jungle.
Still Base was also dirt cheap compared to now :).