The coolest cards I ever seen - at auction now

If it was a genuine Worlds sample card or something that had been signed, then I could see the premium it commanded. But being just a photocopy print out of a custom card, with a signature and sketch, bleh. Too bad Rusty didn’t look closer, just blowing up the image to full screen you could see the holo pattern was off and the edges and corners were very roughly cut. I guess it’s another victim of people getting caught up in the autograph hype right now without doing proper research.


Yeah still good to see people so interested in autographs though. I feel like that’s only a good thing for Pokemon. It draws attention to the artists and forces people to do research as Scott said in his recent public video. These pokemon artists deserve for everyone to know them and their journey I think,

yeah i totally didn’t drop 5k on these because i totally looked at the hi-res scans and not because i’m poor


I think a big difference is how much accessible the art itself is from Magic. Artists are permitted to sell prints of their work, as well as playmats. Most of the time, the final art pieces are available for sale and while a niche slice of MTG collectors, MTG art collectors drop serious money on pieces. I have a couple signed prints and playmats of my favorite cards.

In pokemon, if you like the art on the card, the best you can do is get it signed. Pokemon almost never produces art prints, maybe 1 playmat per set (and most of the time it’s stock art). I’m not even sure if you can view the full art on it’s own anywhere besides the card, while you can find the standalone art of any magic card.


it just shows how much difference in wealth class is between us and rusty.

for 5 figure items im staring at hi res scans forever all day until auction ends


They’re back! :star:

Really interesting but very badly centered backs:


They are custom made cards, so doesn’t surprise me that the centering is so bad. More are being released to the public weekly, I wonder how many there are in total.


As long as people keep paying, the supply will keep coming out. Personally, I believe the supply of all these early 2000s signatures is much higher than the market would be led to believe right now.