The collection of Taigataipan 25/06/2024 JR set done

Hello and welcome to my collection thread.

Here you can see lots of older sealed items and PSA graded cards from various eras. Updates for my binder collections and other random stuff might happen occasionally. Sit tight and enjoy the ride! :blush:

Current collections below.

Sealed items ( December 2013 - ) :

English 1st ed. Gym Challenge holos ( July 2018 - ):

English 1st ed. Neo Genesis holos ( December 2014 - ) :

Japanese Neo Shinings ( April 2015 - ) :

English Crystals ( May 2014 - ) :

Japanese Gold stars ( June 2014 - ) :

Various PSA cards ( July 2015 - ) :

Various BGS cards ( June 2017 - ) :


Good luck! I love the English crystals. They can be a real challenge to get good grades on as well. No matter how easy @milhouse makes it look. Haha. I’ve already been disappointed twice now in my search for a PSA 10 Crystal Kingdra.

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What can I say, I have been extremely lucky. @funmonkey54

Awesome booster box collection dude.


Lucky enough that it’d feel wrong NOT to tease you. :stuck_out_tongue:

But my collection has gained from your fortunate acquisitions as well. So I can’t complain.


Nice I look forward to your PSA returns! :blush: It will be like Christmas for you I’m sure :grin:

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I decided to take some photos of my psa-collection, hopefully you find something interesting from these. :blush:

Pretty happy about the current situation, of course there’s always something that you can improve.


super dude! i hope you get full 10 sets!

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For some reason I can’t see anything bigger than a thumbnail image of these pictures.

Can you list the grades for each for me? :blush:

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Thanks! :blush:

For now my goal is to have japanese gold star cards from Mudkip to Flareon with minimum grade of 9, and preferably 1st editions. No pressure here about obtaining every card as gem mint 10.


Still waiting for my psa returns, one of the cards was mislabeled so my friend had to call psa and get that fixed, hopefully I’ll get them next week.
But that doesn’t stop me updating this thread, got these bad boys yesterday! :blush:

Just fantastic looking cards, big thanks to @darkrai .


This forum has Gold Star Fever right now.


Congrats on the additions! I really love the Suicune and that comes from someone who barely collects anything that was released past 2002 :wink:

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The gold star cards are all beautiful. *__*
I love how you present them in dropbox. Makes scrolling through a lot quicker to see more cards in shorter time.

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So true!
I have a hard time explaining to people who haven’t tried to collect Gold Stars, particularly English Gold stars, just how hard it is to get them in PSA 10 quality.

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I understand this totally! Part of the reason, in my opinion, is that kids and younger collectors don’t immediately recognize the value and rarity of Gold Stars. To some, they look like an average Holo with neat artwork. This would explain why you see Gold Stars mixed in with lots of 500+ random cards.


I think it was heavily impacted by a few things:

  1. They were already extremely rare.
  2. They were often playable. So of the relatively small number printed, many were played.
  3. They were made poorly, so card integrity was hard to maintain.
  4. Packaging wasn’t great, so it often damaged the already weak cards inside the packages.
  5. The game wasn’t as popular at the time they were printed, so lower values meant less of a reason to really protect them and fewer collectors meant fewer people going out of their way to protect them.

Those are just the reasons from the top of my head. There are probably more.

tl;dr It was these cards against the world. Few made it.


Finally after all the possible ( and impossible ) delays I finally received my cards back, someone at Finnish postal services decided to send my package to totally wrong city, ~200 kilometres from where I live. But without further ado, pictures!

Yes @timewaster1700 , it was like a Christmas to me when I got results from my friend: 7x psa 9 + 9x psa 10! Honestly I was expecting Rayquaza/Shining Charizard to be 8 but psa gave positive surprise this time, both nines. Can’t complain about that. :open_mouth:

For bonus picture we have PSA 10 Crystal Crobat.

Oh man, this has been one of the hardest card to find for me, there just wasn’t any psa 9-10 listed on ebay for months. Luckily @thecharizardauthorty was nice enough to sell one from his latest psa returns. So thanks again for that, now I’m done with my crystal collection at least. :blush:


Amazing 0_o

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Awesome grades for some awesome cards! Quick! Look! What’s that over there? *points and skirts away with the PSA 9 Gyarados*

But in all seriousness, great work and great luck. Glad you got some better-than-expected grades!

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^Haha, I wouldn’t even get upset since the card would go to good home. :grin:

Anyways, got recently something new I’m really stoked about. Second favourite gold star, gem mint 10 and 1st edition, doesn’t really get any better. :blush:

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