The collection of Taigataipan 11/04/2024 Shikishi Art

The Ludicolo from EX deoxys was a very playable card when paired with Magcargo from the same. That is why it there, a iconic card from a playablity point of view.


One of the most epic additions for collection this year coming in from ebay user momo-shiguru, PSA 10 Aquapolis Crystal Lugia!
Whenever I think of Crystal cards I gotta say Lugia is overall favourite of them all, beautiful illustration with awesome background. Capturing this beast was also highlights in G/S/C games, exploring Whirl Islands could be exhausting task but the reward in the end was worth it. :blush:


Let’s update this thread once again. :blush:
One day I was going through my graded collection and noticed there wasn’t any Politoeds in it, meet Pavarotti of the pond, Skyridge Politoed H23/H32. One of the most underpresented Johto Pokemons in tcg besides Magby, thanks to ebay user pokehouse_eu for making the sale happen.

Here’s also a small stack of japanese 1st ed. PCG singles, Latias/Latios ex came from @zaishen and rest of the cards were bought from different ebay sellers, big thanks to everyone.

The reason why Weebinbell/Magneton are highlighted is they were last cards needed for 1st ed. Flight of Legends, I’ve now completed EX FireRed LeafGreen in similar way as EX Deoxys long time ago ( complete regular set with ex/stars + possible box topper, reverse holo set and japanese 1st ed. ). Still gotta do same thing with EX Legend Maker and EX Dragon Frontiers, not too many cards to hunt anymore but most of them are really big additions aka gold stars. :blush:


In the early days of tcg and video games Kangaskhan wasn’t exactly a Pokemon which got my attention, that opinion changed completely after Sun&Moon games got released. Every time after story mode was completed I found myself training Khan, Tapu Fini and many other staples in order to conquer Battle Tree. Those were fun times. :blush:
Here’s a PSA 10 No Symbol which was purchased from ebay user free…money, thanks for the deal. Something I should’ve added in collection long time ago but I’m still extremely happy when it’s now here.


During last ~week I’ve spent lots of time going through and re-organizing my WOTC/EX series collections, here is the current situation with them. :blush:

Black binder on the left
-unlimited Gym Heroes 132/132 + another 132 spots reserved for possible 1st ed. purchase
Black binder in the middle
-unlimited Gym Challenge 132/132 + another 132 spots reserved for possible 1st ed. purchase
White binder on the right
-unlimited Neo Genesis 91/111, 1st ed. Neo Genesis 111/111 + another 96 spots waiting for japanese set

Red binder
-regular EX FireRed & LeafGreen 116/116 with box topper, reverse 103/103 and japanese 1st ed. Flight of Legends 82/82
Blue binder
-regular EX Deoxys 107/107 with box topper, reverse 95/95 and japanese 1st ed. Clash of the Blue Sky 82/82
Green binder
-regular EX Legend Maker 92/92 with box topper, reverse 82/82 and japanese 1st ed. Mirage Forest 83/86 ( missing gold stars )
Black binder
-regular EX Dragon Frontiers 101/101, reverse 89/89 and japanese 1st ed. Offense & Defense of the Furthest Ends 66/68 ( missing gold stars )
So yeah, lots of work to be done before missing cards have been obtained. Filling Neo Genesis binder is priority while picking some upgrades for Gym sets. I also went through a box which was full of Fossil,Gym and Neo bulk, now I have like 8 or 9 complete/near complete non holo sets nicely sleeved inside team bags. So glad these were never sold to local game stores.


Maybe it’s time to make first update in this thread since the launch of new forum. All these additions were actually bought in summer 2022 so they’ve been sitting in shelf a bit too long. :slight_smile:

Let’s begin with Venusaur I bought from another Finnish collector. Just another Black Star promo I’ll probably never see as PSA 10 in person so this PSA 9 does the job perfectly.

Also some ebay purchases from newnuser and marco_collector, late thanks to all.

Had to grab PSA 10 Game Boy Dragonite as well, too cute little illustration to miss.

Finally we have PSA 10 Aquapolis Suicune H25/H32, looks great beside other E-series favourites. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you haven’t visited this thread before it might worth to check links in first message, just a word of warning that scrolling through certain albums takes time ( not really sure when Imgur removed grid view option, that thing was so good ).


This has to be one of the best if not the best collection in finland, never thought i’d see anything like this here, just incredible!



Bold statement right there, thanks for the compliment. :smiling_face:

When I began my journey ( again ) in late 2013 this sort of progress wasn’t exactly in mind. One thing is for sure, other collectors like @xzini have surpassed me ages ago in sheer quantity of PSA cards.


Originally I had no plans to buy SV 151 but this one day I was browsing through my EX FRLG collections and kept thinking that new set has similar theme as this, maybe it’s time to get feet wet again with modern sets so I got the whole range of products.

On top of those I bought 2x 36 booster bundles, for some reason I expected at least few boosters would’ve been damaged during shipping so it was a pleasant surprise to see them placed inside ETB inner boxes. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to get some nice results during next week once supply order from another place arrives, especially since last opened boosters are from japanese Shining Legends set, on top of that I somehow managed to skip all gen 8 tcg products.

Artwork seems to be amazing, cards like Squirtle/Wartortle give instant EX Crystal Guardians vibes and Venusaur EX 198/165 is probably the dream pull, looks like upgraded version from Gym Challenge Erika’s Venusaur. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


During Black Friday sales I bought few things like second 151 UPC box and this sealed case of 151 booster bundles. :slight_smile:

I’ve also opened so far 117 booster packs of 151, didn’t think it would be that fun but it sure was. Pretty happy with the pulls, ETB was only disappointment with one regular Venusaur EX ( + all missing holo energies and couple new reverse holos ) but at least 36x booster bundles were consistent and I did manage to get Venusaur EX 198/165 in last batch. 4x Mew EX 205/165 and 2x Switch 206/165 feels like slight overkill if the pull rate for those is actually 1:51. :sweat_smile:

Complete regular and reverse holo sets are coming together slowly but surely, still missing 11 cards ( 4 are currently otw. ), collecting them has been one of the best experiences with modern sets I can think of after japanese CP6 and Shining Legends.


Sheesh that BGS 10 Feraligatr is awesome.



Thanks! It was certainly a good purchase back then even when I already had both 1st ed. Feraligatr as PSA 10’s. Too bad the metallic label is slightly misplaced, luckily I haven’t noticed any movement/rattling so there’s no reason to ship it for reholder service. :wink:


Great purchase for sure. That has to be the grail for double swirls right there lol. I wouldnt bother shipping it for that either, but you can send it my way :grin:.


Got couple things to show you this time.

Bought these My First Battle decks because I like their simple & clean overall appearance. Lots of good looking cards inside as well, Gyarados has to be my favourite from the bunch.

Main reason for another update was 151 collection, a week ago I finally received last card ( Zapdos EX 202/165 ) that was missing from complete 207/165 regular set, reverse set was done right before Christmas. Looking forward to see master set in following months, I’m currently waiting for 2 holo energy variants to arrive and as second picture suggests I still need to obtain all stamp promos.

Hard to say how good sets we’ll see in future but so far 151 set has been one of the best experiences to open/collect for me, top 5 might be slight overestimate but top 15 for sure. :slight_smile:


Some time ago we had a thread for 2024 New Year resolutions and one of my things was to buy more graded cards, lets begin that journey with following purchase.

I nearly won auction for this PSA 9 Blaine’s Charizard with corrected symbol, couple weeks after that @Gomos contacted me and asked would I still be interested making a deal for it and naturally I accepted the offer.

Such a great looking card with slight amount of holo bleed around edges and nice fat swirl in bottom left corner, most welcome addition to Gym Challenge sets and just another misprint/corrected card I haven’t owned before. :slight_smile:


I’ve only now just taken the time to look at your collection. I had no idea…the Legendary Collection Box and PSA 10 PLAY promo Espeon are particular stand-outs for me. Really cool.

And thanks again for the smooth transaction - was a pleasure!



It was great to do business with you as well and I’m glad you like those items, real highlights from sealed collection and graded japanese gold stars.

Too bad I wasn’t aggressive enough years ago with missing wants, 1st ed. Neo Destiny ( or even unlimited ) booster box would’ve been totally possible to purchase but PSA 10 PLAY Umbreon is different story, at same time I didn’t want to cut corners by obtaining PSA 10 Pop 5 Umbreon. :slight_smile:


If I find a 1st Ed. Neo Destiny Box or Play Umbreon when I clear out my Grandma’s basement, you’ll be the first to know :wink:

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Here is latest ebay purchase from madgems, I’ve owned PSA 10 GB Dragonite/Lugia for many years and recently I had a feeling something was missing so only choice was to get PSA 10 GB Great Rocket’s Mewtwo as well. :slight_smile:

Second thing I wanted to share with you is I’ve decided to change my username. Nothing wrong with the old one but I’ve preferred this lately on other places, I wouldn’t even consider this if I were more active as a seller but luckily that’s not the case.

Quick story about the origin, in late summer 2022 I decided to go pick some raspberries in my nearby forest after long break. During those trips I encountered European adders really often, only venomous snake we have but in long run they aren’t that dangerous to people.

Ever since then I started to think roundabout expression for this animal and after few corners here’s the outcome: taiga is simply the biome which covers most of Finland while taipan takes us to other side of the world. Whenever I watch nature documents about Australia I’m always amazed how total opposite it is compared to where I live.

Thanks @smpratte for making the changes, I’m sure you and others get used to this name really quickly and before someone asks no this isn’t out of season April fool joke. :slight_smile:


Through the years I’ve had pleasure to add many gen 2 Umbreons in collection but one heavy hitter was missing until this moment, McDonald’s 025/P. Aquapolis H29/H32 pretty much demanded its counterpart must be acquired. :smiley:

As a sidenote I don’t believe black cats bring bad luck but it took some effort to get this purchase delivered home. First I waited 2 weeks for letter to travel from UK to Finland and once it landed here it took 15 days before I received request to declare parcel. After contacting postal services multiple times turns out the problem was with missing electronic data ( no name for receiver, no phone number etc. ), first time I stumble upon such issue in 10+ years.

Thankfully seller was most patient and helpful all the time, many thanks to ahdikch-0 for selling this addition. :slight_smile: