The 2+ Year Refund Request

In October 2021 I opened an Evolving Skies ETB. Two of the packs inside did not have the reverse holo + rare/holo slot inserted into the pack; thus only coming with 8 cards each.

I decided to contact TPCi to see what they could do for me. More as an exercise in seeing the process through for research rather than receiving a replacement/refund.

I sent a video of the contents of the packs/etb, photos, receipt for purchase and it was sometimes months, and at one point over a year, between contact from them.

In the end they offered me a refund rather than a replacement. Initially they wanted to refund to my bank account but for whatever reason changed their mind to a Paypal refund.

Here is the 2+ year conversation between me and TPCi support regarding the request. Take note of the massive gaps in communication for a laugh:


And the piece de resistance:

All in all I am amazed in the first place that I was able to secure a full refund for my troubles. I completely forgot about this all together during the ~15 month gap in an update so I was surprised to see the case come back to life.


Im not sure whats more impressive. The fact that it took over 2 years to get a refund or that even after 2 years theyre still checking on old tickets and getting them resolved.


Sucks it took 2+ years. Although I guess from that era they must’ve had an insane amount of tickets. Either way, always glad to see a company that takes time to resolve unopened tickets, even if it takes a while.

TPCi is awesome. They may be a slow-moving goliath, but they are awesome.


More amazed at the 2 year length where they are STILL working through support tickets. Like @wooltchi mentioned. The depth of the support request backlog must be deep as hell. I don’t envy people who have to work it.

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holy shit scott squad is running e4


The requirement to join the forum is to legally change your name to Scott.


I also noticed this and exclaimed “How is almost every mod here named Scott?! Like, was there ever a promotion that said “Come on down to ToysRus, free pokemon cards if your kids name is Scott. Its sure to turn them into a lifelong superfan!” This is a weird coincidence and Im beginning to think @stagecoach’s conspiracy ramblings might be more truth than he lets on.


Average E4 moderator meetup



That was my main takeaway from this. My actual reaction was “theres no way this is also scott. Just what in the hell is going on here?”

My legal first names before I became an E4 mod: Kevin
My legal first names now that I am an E4 mod: Kevin Scotty Scott :wink:

But cool to see that even 2+ year old tickets get resolved. With how big Pokémon TPCi is and the amount of tickets they’ll probably receive, they must have a pretty big customer support team, even if this ticket did take 2 years. :astonished:



I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t post conspiracies and I don’t ramble. That said, E4 staff are created in a laboratory. At Worlds next year in Hawaii someone is going to find the lab with all the mutant Scotts floating in fluid-filled cylinders like Mewtwo.


I also opened a support ticket for something that was missing from my Champion’s Path ETB during 2020. They didn’t have any Champion’s Path packs when they finally got back to me but they let me choose from the following sets:

Sun & Moon
Detective Pikachu (6 x 2 Card Packs)
Lost Thunder
Team Up
Unbroken Bonds
Unified Minds
Cosmic Eclipse
Sword & Shield
Rebel Clash
Darkness Ablaze
Fates Collide
Steam Siege

I ended up getting 6 packs of Team Up. Let’s just say I was pretty happy with the compensation.


I still can’t believe your name is Scott. :fearful:

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Next someone is going to tell me this guy is an E4 mod.

My name is actually Scott, can I become a mod too? Can DM proof lol


Lol this is wild. I had a similar incident that stalled out in May 2022 I just replied back to the email… never actually received their refund after like 10 back and forth emails taking 9 months. Last email was that a refund would be processed soon and wait to hear from them.

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Good luck with your refund.

I never emailed them asking for an update on the case, and every ‘new’ contact from them that came after a large gap was prompted on their end.

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What’s wild is outside of E4, I have NEVER encountered a person in my day-to-day life named Scott. Not in any neighborhood I’ve lived in, not in any company I’ve worked for, not at any party or gathering I’ve attended. Surely, it can’t be that common a name.