Talk about luck!

I was opening a pack of PKMN Trainer Mags I had purchased a few months ago from Japan that got erroneously sent to my US address due to one of my brain farts, after looking at some of them for a while, this little gem pops out from the pages as I was opening it:

IMG_5740 by Cujucuyo, on Flickr

It’s in Mint condition. :grin:

The magazine is from 2001 which is the same year as the card, which could mean that the seller got the card and left it there by mistake that very same year.

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Talk about luck! :grin:

I’ve always found that to be my favourite fan club jumbo too

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That’s totally lucky!
Whenever I go into used book shops or whatever with shonen jump magazines, that’s the first thing I look for xD
Nothing yet though!

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I wish I was this lucky :open_mouth:

Can you post/send me a picture of the magazine it comes in?

Sure thing mate. It came in this one:

IMG_5744 by Cujucuyo, on Flickr

The Jumbo is from the PKMN Fan Club Tropical Present Jumbos, it doesn’t come from that magazine unfortunately.

Oh yeah, duh. I wasn’t thinking and thought the Jumbo came in the magazine :laughing:

lol :rofl: