I am just venting a vent from yesterday.
I was on LJ, and a user had a card sales thread.
I saw a Pachi from COL, and advised them it was worth a bit more than $1, especially since it was RH. I noticed someone had already taken interest in it, and I was just wanting to help the poor user out, the one who was interested seems to always snipe things on LJ like that…
They asked if he would add, but he already sent his payment…

I guess it isn’t really my job to help the sellers, just I think LJ doesn’t have card selling experts to know values as much as say the community here… That is all.

@crinus - LJ is an abbreviation for Live Journal. There is a prominent community of Pokémon Card collectors on this website.

I myself have not had good experiences with purchasing from LJ. I once bought a Japanese Ancient Mew (Sealed). I was led to believe it was the first, corrected version. I asked the seller if he was absolutely certain that this item was indeed [Ancient Mew I, Corrected]. The seller was very confident in his “knowledge” of this item, so my trust was blindly delivered.

I was very disappointed upon receiving it - the seller had clearly been mistaken. It was [Ancient Mew II], not [Ancient Mew I, Corrected]. Le sigh.

This is why I wrote a guide on Ancient Mews, so sellers wouldn’t confuse the versions any longer. Alas, they still do!

@reina Sierpe - You can check out my guide on eBay :blush:

LJ can be a great place to find gems for bargain rates (read: not ripoff); however, there’s a lot of risk involved. A few months back, I bought a Metagross star there for $10 under the belief that it was “mint.”

Let’s just say it was not mint…At all. As in, “chewed-up and stomped on”-esque bad.

I should post a picture sometime. :blush:

Ive bought

Rockets Raikou for $10
VS Cards for like 0.50 each
A few 5th movie deck cards there

It is a nice place like you say to find gems, just I don’t like how someone could’ve been so rude as to take pachi for so low

TBF, maybe the person didn’t know how much Pachi goes for on the secondary market? Remember that these cards have a physical value of less than a nickel, so any card at any time could go for virtually nothing.

Some people see a random holographic from an undesirable set full of reprints and think “$2”; we see an extremely playable card and think “$20.” Since both the seller and buyer obviously accepted the terms of the deal, I’d hazard a guess that one or both them (probably one…) wasn’t thinking our way.

The person who bough I know plays competitively, as they post on most of the threads there getting cards like catcher for chump change…
It wasn’t a fluke.