Sword and Shield Prerelease (Experience)

I felt this warranted a post being that the prerelease event I attended today really struck the core of me, so id figured id share here as I already have come to know how great everyone is here to one another and this was truly touching to me. So, I typically have a rough time going to any sort of tournaments/prereleases/etc (as I have lots of general anxiety and sometimes its hard to want to be around large crowds) but I decided to go today with my girlfriend to a card store that we did the prior one for Cosmic Eclipse at. The experience then was fantastic, so I figured why not.

The event itself was great: lots of great pulls from everyones boxes, loads of happy adults and kids playing and excited for the new set, and primarily great feelings all around. I love when things turn out as such, and more specifically, I love seeing how the younger generations react when getting the cards they wanted and having a good time. Its brings me back to my older days of playing and collecting when I first began with base set, so its always great to see.

However before the games started, a family was there which I recalled meeting my first prerelease. They remembered me, said hello, and then I watched as their younger son (must have been 8-9 years old tops) began to teach his younger cousin how to play with his mother trying to guide him through it. The little one was only 4 years old, had no idea what was going, and his mom was trying her best to just figure out how to play, which was when i caught the match going on and walked over. The older one of the two insisted I chime in and help out, I proceeded to help teach them both, although I know the little guy had no idea what was up (it was adorable though). In the end, I ended up making the right moves to win the match for him, and when I and his mother told him he won the smile that came across his face was truly moving. I mean, i dont get mushy at things much myself, but its hard to not get choked up when you see a young kid just happy as hell just to be a part of something which they enjoy.

After the match the mother thanked me a ton, and then the younger one sat out of the prerelease with his mom, but it really just brought me back to that great place of realization to why this hobby is so great. Its inviting to everyone, and in it theres something which we could all make our own and truly feel happy with and grow from, and just having the opportunity today to really make someone happy while also indulging in what ive come back to love again after so many missed years in collecting made the day complete. Its about all of us, young and old, coming together and just enjoying what we’ve all found a great deal of happiness and comfort in, and im really grateful for this and everyone here as well.

And, I got a cute Morpeko & Victini V


Nice story 24 and congrats on fighting through the anxiety and creating a valuable memory:)


Thanks Gary! :blush: it was definitely one I wont forget and I plan to go back for some actual tournaments real soon!

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I have my pre-release tonight! Good to hear you had a nice experience @dizzle24. A pre-release has a nice lower barrier to get into when you’re not playing the game in a more organized fashion. Enjoying opening cards, the limited setting of only the new set and the deck building that goes along with a lot of “ooh” and “aah” sounds through the room is what makes me go to a pre-release event every new set. It drains my social battery very fast being at the pre-release, but the energy levels the days after are so much higher that’s it all worth it.

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Awesome! By now you should have had it I believe and I hope it was great for you as well! And I agree, the whole atmosphere of them seem to be just a lot of fun for everyone to see whats in store for the new sets and those ooohs and ahhs were definitely present where I went! I agree with it being draining too, but today I was so hyped all day in going to my college classes so it was absolutely worth it. hope to get to some cups and tournaments someday too!

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I remember the days of the prerelease for Pokemon and its always fun seeing kids pull the cards and sharing it with their friends. I think my favorite memory is when kids see the trade binders I use to bring and all the crazy cards they went bonkers for. Sadly I no longer can participate in prereleases but they will always be a memory

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@dizzle24, Sounds like you had a fantastic time at the pre-release, nice! Thanks for sharing, seeing familiar folks is always nice. I was also on the line for a poke pre-release but glad I went as well.

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It was fun, but not as fun as usual… Mainly because of bad planning from the store it self. They have switched staff in November and the new TO and Judge had her wedding yesterday, so she obviously wasn’t there. Also, after spitting some messages out into the WhatsApp group we have most of people said it was announced to late and with no window for them to arrange days off. In the end, we had a pre-release with just 3 people. Which is a bit sad, but at least all three of us pulled a Full Art or better. All three of us won one of the two matches we played and the store owner was really happy we showed up and gave us all an free booster pack.

Still, the overall experience was like always. Good fun, nice chats and my twisting my tongue trying to read all the crazy names they came up with in Sword and Shield.

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