SV4 thread (TPCI: Paradox Rift Nov 3 / TPC: Raging Surf Sept 22 + Ancient Roar & Future Flash Oct 27)

Yeah it seems like a cool idea but I think they’re clear about commons and uncommons being nonholo entirely. Giving it only to Paradox mons that are holo Rare will make it less uniform. Perhaps the English side will do something about it with their reverse holos

Unfortunately this theory is dead.

Fans outthink TPC every time.

The card in the bottom right is Horsea.

SV4M Future Flash

SV4M 087/066 SR Tulip (illus. Naoki Saito)

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Here is the full Paradox Rift set list in case someone wants to know (SPOILERS)


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SV4K Ancient Roar

SV4K 017/066 Horsea (illus. HYOGONOSUKE)
SV4K 018/066 Seadra (illus. otumami)
SV4K 019/066 Kingdra (illus. Tonji Matsuno)

With Horsea, HYOGONOSUKE’s collage is one card away from completion. I assume it will appear in the upcoming High Class Pack: Shiny Treasure ex to wrap up the year he started it

Main set list for both Ancient Roar & Future Flash will reveal tomorrow (Friday, Oct 20), and Paradox Rift pre-release starts this Saturday (Oct 21)


This is so cool. I wish they’d release giclée or postcards of the full illustration when they do something like this.

I need a normal amount of this Steelix AR. Really cool looking set, excited for the release!

Main sets SV4K & SV4M

Chibi completes their Lati duo,
SV4K 027/066 Latios
SM10a 033/054 Latias


Kanda does it again! :star_struck:


  • cowsow
  • sowcow
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this is for sure favourite sowsow card of the SV block, thus far.

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After watching a handful of openings, it looks like the ancient and future cards have unique holo effects from the rest of the set. Reverses feature a mirror-like holo appearance and the ancient/future side of regular holos is shiny along with the border and artwork.

I’m really stoked to collect the paradox cards now!


Gen 5 getting so much attention in these sets! I love it!

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SV4K 095/066 UR Darkness Energy
SV4M 095/066 UR Metal Energy

This completes the Scarlet & Violet UR set for Basic Energy cards

SV1S 108/078 Fighting Energy
SV1V 108/078 Lightning Energy
SV2D 099/071 Grass Energy
SV2P 099/071 Water Energy
SV2a 210/165 Psychic Energy
SV3 141/108 Fire Energy
SV4K 095/066 Darkness Energy
SV4M 095/066 Metal Energy


guessing these will be in the western sv4.5

Neat little thing I noticed - the background of SR/UR Roaring Moon ex and SR/UR Iron Valiant ex are the same patterns as their respective Paradox effects on the half art Paradox Pokémon


My spider sense tells me this would stonk… :astonished: