Summer 2016 WTB Thread - & hello again :)

Hey there everyone. Long time no post! Now that school is out of the way, it seems like I finally have some free time to beef up my collection again. I figured I’d ask if any of you fine ladies and gentlemen can give me a hand with my wants list. I’m looking for sealed 10pack boxes of Japanese gym decks. I need all 3 variants which include (1)Brock/misty (2)surge/Erika (3)Sabrina/Blaine

Here’s an example image (hope it displays properly, I’m using my phone rn)

Other than the deck boxes, I’m also always looking for Imakuni? cards, either graded (gem mint) or autographed. Other misc imakuni cards or items are welcome as well, since I’m sure there’s stuff out there I have no idea even exists!

Please give me a shout if you’ve got any of this stuff or if ya just want to say hi.


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Hey cakebytheocean.

I’ll consider the cases but not sure yet.