Subbasshead's Collection: Collecting Gold Stars/1st WOTC

Not of the highest value but got this at my first regionals. Never thought I’d make it that far, and ended going against someone I respected; she represents where I was and where I am now

Guess you could say I finally I have some inventory for Worlds, hahah. (An ungraded Regi Steel/Ice that are good candidates for a 10)


Awesome collection! :grin: Love those Japanese Gold Stars especially. I also have to mention the Ratchet & Clank A Crack in Time thing I saw on the background of one photo, I love that game and I’m big fan of the series in general :blush:

It’s funny, I was looking up the autos and turns out it was signed by James Arnold Taylor (Ratchet) and Joey D’Auria (Azimuth)

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Almost forgot, my framed uncut Unlimited Base Set booster pack wrap


Wow so cool! :grin:

that’s amazing! don’t dare to ever trade or sell it away