Stumbled upon an old "Return of the King" Frodo toy...

I was going through my old childhood stuff and was a little shocked to find a toy I never opened, but it got me thinking. I was a HUGE LOTR fan and was super amped when the Hobit’s were coming out…then they did and, personally, I hated them. Did anyone else get let down by the Hobbitses(says in golem voice)?

Yeah, ugly gnomes, don’t even care if anything happened to any of them. Nothing like the original group of heroes.

Remember: and my Axe!

Gandalf was the only good thing, but hey… Its ian, cant go wrong with that guy

He’s a king! (Somewhat literally, on stage for example or in Neverwas :stuck_out_tongue: )

He is the king that returned :wink:

I love the Lord of the Rings! However the Hobbit wasn’t as good. The Hobbit wasn’t all bad but there were things I thought they could have done better.

I’ve actually met Ian before for a brief moment, he came into my high school about 5 years ago, he’s a really nice and down to earth guy! He acts at the RSC theatre in my hometown all the time.

Ian is one of the best parts to the movies. Thats pretty sick you got to meet him! Ive only met “The Neon Trees” aha, which is a great group and very friendly, but I prefer metal.