Strange listing I already payed for Up ON yAHOO

HI GUYS, THERE IS a listing up for 2 of the cards I have already payed for which is really strange… Money is out of my account today -

Now here is the same seller selling those gold stars again -

Well seller has no bad feedback, Could be he has doubles of the cards and is just listing them again.

If anything happens Buyee will let you know

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This sucks, because they look exactly the same, but yeah I think he does have dem doubles. I have no monrae to win these though, so it will suck if I lose them and then I get a random Buyee money refund email thingy.

Just comparing the Mew to the Mew It seems my mew is centered better from the listing
I won, and the new listing looks like the top right hand corner is a bit too high to the edge… What do you think?

I saw these earlier and I realised it was the seller you bought them from already, hopefully everything will be fine :blush:

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Yeah the ones i bought said used but still said went from file to sleeve…