Starter Deck Master Ball Holo

i just wanted to know how rare it is and if its really worth this much

I believe that is from the green and red starter decks released in 98. Considering you can get the whole box for like $150-200 (give or take), its not worth it. Its maybe worth 25-30 max?

@linuxicollected always exaggerate their prices xD

Master Ball [1998 Quick Starter Set (Holo)] is worth between $12 - $20. I have frequently seen this card for sale between $13 - $15. It is rare, but it does make an appearance every so often.

I used to have a ton of them, and was selling them for less than $10 on eBay. I may have another, I’ll have to check.

No you weren’t, you were selling them for $20-30 :stuck_out_tongue:

(you are way too nice Scott for your own good. Or maybe reading this Economics textbook is slowly making me EVIL!)

It is definitely not worth that price. He had it listed in the thousands before and I sent him a message with multiple references showing him how ridiculous the price was.

Oh it’s icollected! You can negotiate prices with that seller. I got a Mew ex (the gift box one) dead cheap from him

Exactly, “Knowledge is power” should be every collectors creed.

In latin please: scientia potentia est.

Give Bacon credit where due. Although it’s entirely possible the aphorism is wrongly attributed. For example, “the pen is mightier than the sword” goes back to at least the messenger Muhammad, in a very famous quotation from him

I could do that…but I’m not :grin: