SSB No. 1

What is the value of the [Super Secret Battle No. 1] trophy card? I have always been intrigued by its potential price range. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :blush:


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I would say $2900-$3500.

Yeah haze’s estimate is fairly accurate. Everything you need to know about the card and its history is here: :blush:

@haze - Cool, thanks :blush:

@mkpokecc - Wow!! Thank you very much :heart:

Your welcome, that pretty much everything I could find on it, are you considering purchasing the no.1??

@mkpokecc – Yes. I am being kept in mind for future consideration, should the individual wish to further discuss a potential sale.

I am trying to open communication with others in an attempt to purchase rare cards. I am experiencing a collecting dead zone – it is a bit discouraging :slightly_frowning_face:

Nevertheless, I currently have a card in transit and an auction that may end in my favour :blush:

Nice! I can’t wait to see what they are! :blush:

It has sold! :blush: Is anyone on here the proud new owner!?

A guy in the UK. It sold for $4,000.

Damn! :blush: Its good to see these cards selling and finding homes. I wouldn’t have expected that price since CC would have accepted 3.5 k but at least it shows the demand. Someone is a mewtwo fan :blush:

XD congrats! Is it your first trophy card?

Well Glad to see you get it. I was looking to buy the TMB or the Pika they have but I dunno yet. You should post your collection in the collection section.

Haha I really like the TMB because I have seen more pika trophies and SSB trophies than TMBs. They are very hard to come by. And the 97 Pika Trophy 1st Place is the he 3rd rarest/most valuable card I believe behind the Illustrator and the PR Raichu (Only two sets in the world for 97’ and Scott has the only one which will never sell so basically its the only that will ever be available)

Yea I never have seen the 2nd or 3rd TMB’s for sale anywhere. However I know Jimmy Hume has both the number 2 and 3. He just needs to pony up and buy that 1st place TMB lol. Very awesome set to complete because I never have seen a complete set. I know scott has the SSB set and I know Mike (MKpokeCC) on here has the 3rd place SSB.

Thanks I just started collecting Japanese cards. I use to only collect englsh a few months back.

Welcome Fluxy and congratulations on this very nice card! You could also post videos of your collection if you don’t have photos handy.

Congratulations on the new addition to your collection :blush: I can’t wait to see the rest.