SPOILERS - MC Escher pokemon card in s10P (SwSh 10)

Escher is easily my favorite all time artist and holy crap this card makes me so happy. Too bad it is featuring arguably the derpiest design of a pokemon we’ve had in years :sob:

here’s a link to pokebeach’s article with the secret rares that have been revealed so far


While the Palkia special art is great, the Machamp and Dialga in Time Gazer have caught my eye much more.


wow, amazing art skills. Nice artwork for sure.

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Silver lining is at least palkias tiny in this?


I’ve said it once and I’ve said it again: Origin Palkia’s design could have been saved by giving it arms so that it resembled a centaur.

This art is still so sick, though, and I love to see how Alt Arts have let the artists just kinda pop off a bit

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Love the fact that beedrill is getting an alt art, can’t wait to see it!

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The Pokebeach link has been updated with pictures of the Beedrill and Sneasler special arts!

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I haven’t kept up with rainbow rares but wow these really pop out compared to the SM ones.

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yeah the vstar rainbows seem to be done really well, even compared to the vmaxes

And my oh my are they gorgeous! Thanks for the note!

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Palkia getting all the love when Dialga out there looking like this


yeah the dialga is really nice as well. my favorite from the set is probably the sneasler, even though MC Escher is my favorite artist of all time. there is so much goodness in these two sets, especially with the regular cards.

Palkia looks so wild without arms, but Oswaldo KATO has been absolutely KILLING it with art lately. The Torterra and Bidoof from Star Birth are so amazing, that line shading is just *chef’s kiss*. The alt art Golurk is also deeply underrated imo. All the art coming out of new sets is just blowing me away honestly

Not a big fan of these to be honest. The 'Mons seem really small and weirdly positioned on a lot of these. It just looks like a lot of visual noise rather than a nicely composed piece of art to me.

Love these new full arts, but can’t wait for the V and VMax/VStar formats to go away…I feel like these ruin otherwise great artwork.

i hear you. they’re not my favorite from these two sets. that would probably go to sneasler

Love these alt arts. At this point, though, I would rather these just be the arts though instead of having two different arts for the same Pokémon.

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