Special Delivery Charizard Lottery

Yes!! I was ready to be disappointed once again when opening my email, but I finally got the email! Thanks for the heads up

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It’s a race to the bottom! I see a listing at $4.95 now


I bought a code. Is there no longer an option to pay with PayPal at Pokemoncenter? I don’t see the option.

If anyone has Canadian codes for sale at this price, I’d buy.

They do work, I spoke with the seller

Is anyone having trouble redeeming their code? I already tried 2 phones 2 computers Firefox, microsoft edge. I was able to buy anything as long as the code is not entered. :frowning:

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Make sure you have the right region (canada vs usa vs uk)

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Just keep trying, ive been able to successfully place an order the last three weeks in a row. Try it in the early morning hours.

Do you have a cooldown period where you make no attempts to enter a code? Or do you try once a day for a week and on the 7th day the payment goes through?

How did you know, and yes. I do exactly what you said. I received my package today so ill try again tomorrow. I bought another code because i think the card is cool.

I haven’t tried using the code on my main account again, just checkout as guest, however I would limit to 1 order per code to the same address in one sitting.

Just received my 2nd Charizard, going for the 3rd one, wish me luck!

Sorry to be a pain, but which one? Do you go a whole week without trying or did you try everyday?

Went through something smilar. Purchased one code, and it worked successfully.

But 2nd code didn’t work. Tried it again by using different methods (all whilst using the same IP address / address / other info), but nothing worked.

I had heard something about a “cool down” window, so I’ve gave that a try. Waited for 4-5days, tried doing it again (checked out as Chrome, guest) and it worked. I guess the cooldown period is true. But I’m not sure how long exactly. Maybe 3 days?

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It’s been taking me around a week in between order but I think the cooldown period is real. I also havnt been checking daily just every 7-10 days or so