Southern Islands Poster

Can anyone please tell me what this poster is? I believe its a promotional item for southern islands sets. Also what would be the rarity of this item and value? Thanks!


What are you referring to? Some more information would be helpful.

WotC Southern Islands didn’t come packed with a poster. Is this some sort of retail thing you’re referring to?

Edit: Oh, the pic didn’t load for me at first. This looks like an in-store ad. Any in store advertising from this era is quite rare, but it’s very niche as well. Prices are usually modest.

Sorry about that the picture was giving me trouble. You confirmed what I was thinking based on the bottom left corner. Thanks for the help.

They’re very cool when you can find them. I definitely like them. I have this one for the Mew #9 promo.

I paid $40 for this, if it’s any use to you!