Southern Islands Grading

I was looking at the pop report for English and Japanese Southern Islands and I noticed that the PSA 10 is quite low. Especially English

What makes Southern Islands so hard to grade?

(I’m new to the grading aspect of this hobby).

They are prone to have print lines and are easy to scratch due to the holofoil pattern


WOTC era cards with Cosmos style holo patterns seem to be some of the worst for factory print issues. Everything from Base Set 2, Southern Islands and the Neo sets are very hard to Gem grade and are often marred with print lines causing them to pile up in PSA 8 & 9 grades out of the pack.


The above and PSA politics. I graded cards 10 years ago that got higher grades than cards today. I have plenty of 9s and 10s that if cracked likely wouldn’t get the same grade today.