Soul Dew JPN Promo

Browsing eBay and I came upon this. I’ve never seen it before, and that in and of itself means the card is probably moderately rare. Seems like a great price for a limited old JPN promo in good shape.

I’ll probably buy it, provided it doesn’t go much higher, but I’m curious as to what exactly it is and what it’s worth.

Link please?

Oh, I saw that, but got confused because the title of this thread says ‘PROMO’. Hmm… get it for the cheap price, but putting together the entire set like that might be hard

Ah, my bad. Listed it as a promo because that’s what the auction said. Link is in the OP. I’ll still probably buy it, as I have the 5th Movie Half Deck Lati@s and the Soul Dew would be a neat addition.